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    Fiited Wardrobes - Mould behind

    I have fitted wardrobes in our bedroom and i noticed that the inside of one of them was wet to touch. Round about the same time an area of mould quickly appeared on the ceiling in the corner just about the wardrobes. I researched what it could be and concluded it was likely condensation. After...
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    Bathroom extractor fan - wiring

    Thanks for the replies. It looks like a may need to go with a qualified electrician if the work will require an EIC. I wasn't aware of this requirement and it looks like it might just be easy to pay a qualified electrician to do the wiring. I will still attempt to install the fan myself...
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    Bathroom extractor fan - wiring

    I would like to install a extractor fan in my bathroom ceiling. The plan is to install the fan in the ceiling somewhere above the bath/shower and have the ducting run through the attic and to the roof soffit. My friend works with electronics and has experience installing lights and sockets...