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    Flushing problems: handle? water level? or flap valve?

    Don't understand this,you have either a flap valve or a siphon, but not both. And whichever it is, you don't have to take the cistern off the wall.
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    Paint Tins

    Had a minor disaster with an old tin of white emulsion paint ! Fortunately I was outside the house, took off the lid to give the paint a stir. The tin had rusted internally and a large hole appeared, allowing a quantity of paint onto the patio and my shoes. It was quite a mess, but swift action...
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    Old radiators

    Just be pleased to get rid of it !
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    Moving radiator....Pipe mess - what to do?

    If you're inexperienced with blowtorches and are proposing to work under the floor do be careful, it would be so easy to set fire to scrap bits of wood that may be lying about. Seriously, keep a bucket of water handy, and do some practice first !
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    exchanging old radiators for new radiators

    I've been changing some radiators myself recently, bought some Myson and some Quinn.The Quinn were a little more expensive, but better quality. The Myson brackets were a bit flimsy and the fixing holes too small. Also the fixing strips on the radiators required the brackets to be located quite...
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    putting in another rad

    I was just wondering what surface the new radiator will be attached to, and how big (and heavy) it is. I find brackets tricky, as they have to be within millimeters of the right place, and the holes are sometimes too small for the type of fixing I want to use, so I have to drill them out.
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    The latest "money saving" device??!

    Wow ! It appears to save some amazing percentages......
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    Bending copper pipes

    Maybe you should overbend it a little, then straighten it a little.....
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    Can't, Won't DIY --- then check this --- Frightening!!

    That's a very entertaining read ! I noticed a couple of quite good reports......
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    TRV Question

    Thanks, gigz!
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    TRV Question

    Thanks gigz, I've seen valves described as 2-way but I didn't know what it meant. I thought perhaps it was because the connectors allowed the valve to be fitted horizontally or vertically. Incidentally I don't really see how a vertical TRV can work properly as it has a hot pipe just underneath...
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    TRV Question

    I know thermostatic radiator valves are customarily on the radiator inflow side, but is there a good reason for this, or could one equally well go on the outflow side ?
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    Radiator leaks

    If you have an old system, maybe twenty years old or more, my advice would be to inspect the radiators for incipient leaks. You need to use a small mirror and examine the bottom of the radiator surface next to the wall. Not just the seam, but the water bearing channel above it. Look for strange...
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    Making a toilet seat

    mdf sounds like a really bad idea ! I imagine that if you measure the rim size and the hinge separation you would be able to locate a plastic one that was a reasonably close fit, a cm or two on the size doesn't matter too much.
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    New system struggling to reach room temp 21 deg

    Do the radiators in the lounge get really hot to the touch, like those in the rest of the house ?
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    WC siphon diaphram washer difficulties?

    Siphons can be a bother, and I've stopped using them. For me the Flapper Cistern Valve is so simple and satisfactory.
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    Transformer advice please

    Your photo shows it as up to 50W, which is what you need to know (that's up to almost 5A)
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    Gas Boys (or Girls)... which boiler would you choose ???

    Namsag....does your comment apply to both the HE and SE versions of the Ideal Classic ? It's an interesting post because on this site it is customary to slag off Ideal boilers as a whole.
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    Just bought a Multimeter - Any good guides online?

    I suppose a small light, maybe a neon, and a very large series resistor would be suitable. It could be combined with a simple tool, maybe a spanner or something.
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    Just bought a Multimeter - Any good guides online?

    To test when changing a light fitting socket that the power is not live, myself I'd use a neon screwdriver, but it does attract a lot of flack on this site !