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    Oil tank - distance from building using fire protection?

    I believe the fire resistant tanks are good if you get the local building inspector to sign it off. Oftec technicians can not sign them off as the tanks do not have oftec fire resistant approval. It may be the case that not all labc's approve of these tanks either so it's a good idea to ask them...
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    Drayton Tempus 7 programmer

    Just had a look and there are a number of new and second hand ones for sale. Just type in Drayton Tempus.
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    Drayton Tempus 7 programmer

    Ebay usually provides.
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    Air heat pump siting

    Cheers Norcon, many thanks.
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    Air heat pump siting

    Many thanks. Would it be better to run the pipes underground or surface. Just thinking u.g. would keep wind and weather off.
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    Air heat pump siting

    Hi folks. A family member is renovating an old cottage and has asked me to install an Ecodan air source heat pump. All the insulation is top spec and the company supplying the pump and under floor heating is happy that it will work well. They sent me on a course (i'm usually oil) and feel ok to...
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    Worcester Danesmoor 12/19 fuse

    Could also be the circ. pump blowing the fuse. STIX
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    recommendation for OIL-fired condensing boiler?

    AFIK there isn't a modulating oil boiler available. I agree with Delta T2 about pipework arrangements but would usually fit Grant boilers given the choice, although Firebirds heat only offerings seem ok. Stix.
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    Trianco 70/90 - any advice gratefully received.

    Undoing the 4 allen bolts to reveal the filter is ok. If you've undone the 3 allen bolts under the filter where the 1 pipe washer is the pump will be scrap because they cannot be rebuilt by hand properly. Needs factory machine assembly. Get someone to fit a new pump and set it up properly. Stix.
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    Problems with Trianco boiler ( boilerhouse) 16yr boiler

    When the new pump was fitted check with your guy that the bypass screw was screwed in. This is a small grub screw like thing which needs fitting in the return port of the pump when using a tiger loop. I did go to one once which was supposed to have had this done but on inspection the screw was...
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    drainable water heater

    Cheers prs1 :D .
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    drainable water heater

    I need an oversink water heater either instantaneous or up to 15 litres which can be drained in freezing weather as its in an unheated workshop. Can anyone recommend one or an easy method for regularly draining standard heaters in cold weather please ? Our instant one blew apart last winter...
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    Eurostar Combi Boiler 70/90

    temp control must work to some extent or it would trip overheat stat. could the flowswitch be stuck ? did have one once but on different boiler with same symptoms.
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    Eurostar Combi Boiler 70/90

    frost stat might be sticking on, or motorised valve jammed. stix.
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    Firebird C26

    If it's not been serviced in a while the exp. vessel will need recharging. To do this release all the water pressure till the gauge reads zreo. Then using a car tyre pump, pump the vessel back up to 1 bar. Charge the water up to 1 bar again .Stix.
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    HRM Wallstar 15/19 not lighting

    Control box has gone, possibly along with the ebi or solenoid. Put new box on first ,if lockout occurs pull the burner out and look at the nozzle. If oily replace ebi. If dry check continuity of solenoid and replace if there is none. Stix.
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    New Oil tank installation pipework query

    According to Oftec, underground oil pipe is recommended to be buried 450mm deep on a bed of 50mm of sand and covered with 50mm of sand. Then a protective layer such as roof tiles, then fill in with soil remembering to lay an oil pipe warning tape 150mm below the surface. Underground oil pipe can...
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    Danfoss BHO 61 controller/ burner

    Can you check if the is supplying voltage to the coil. Run the burner through to lockout while testing. If 240v present the problem is with the coil. If not its the box. If you don't have a non contact type voltage stick then with the power turned off cut the coil cable in two and piece...
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    Oil-fired boiler problem

    EBI. Won't say it again.
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    Oil-fired boiler problem

    Might not need to change 1 for ages, then 2 or 3 three at once (like waiting for a bus). Just when they are goosed. Most show no visible sign of fault but can still give intermittent lockout. Stix.