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    Water pipework - where does responsibility lie?

    It's not a shared connection it only supplies our flat but I'm not sure the responsibility can be as stated above. If it runs through someone else's property and they but a spade through it surely that isn't my responsibility!
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    Water pipework - where does responsibility lie?

    we already have a water meter - Thames Water are simply moving it to the street to allow them to read it more easily. We are leaseholders so it's going to be down to us somewhere. I just wonder how that will work if the leak is on next doors property
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    Water pipework - where does responsibility lie?

    thanks - the installation of the meter is out of our hands I believe - yes I'm quietly concerned about the rise in cost the leak is likely to induce! re responsibility - thanks , I thought as much. Not sure who it works on the adjoining property though.
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    Water pipework - where does responsibility lie?

    I have a query regarding where responsibility lies in relation to our water supply. I live in a flat which is the two upper floors of what would originally have been a single Victorian terrace house. The downstairs floor is now a separate one bed flat and we both have a lease that relates...
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    extending lighting circuit (wall light) - the right cable?

    I'm adding a pair of wall lights in a bedroom (above the bed) switched from a new switch with two switches on a single faceplate. I'm taking the power via a fuse spur from a socket on a ring main. As per the following: Running a fused spur from a socket outlet...
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    taping and jointing a ceiling

    thanks for that. I appreciate that a skim coat is better but I'm not up to doing that myself and am trying to save some money for other projects. If it's a disaster I'll have to get it skimmed!
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    taping and jointing a ceiling

    Hello I'm part way through my 'new suspended plasterboard ceiling' project and had a question about taping and jointing. I've used tapered edge boards and understand what I should be doing where these meet but obviously with the ceiling (as opposed to a wall) it is impossible to avoid...
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    How to install insulation into ceiling cavity?

    thanks for all the suggestions - greatly appreciated James
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    How to install insulation into ceiling cavity?

    As the void is basically a boxing out for a suspended ceiling I don't think the battens are at 400 or 600 centres. The existing plaster board is 900 x 1800mm and I suspect the battens are located to suit the boards (and provide a fixing). Shame as I liked the idea of friction fitting! At the...
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    How to install insulation into ceiling cavity?

    I need to replace the plasterboard ceiling in one of my bedrooms. The property is a victorian end of terrace so suffers pretty badly due to lack of insulation. The existing plasterboard appears to be fixed to timber battens with (what I presume was the original) lath and plaster ceiling...
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    Kingspan making my walls sweat?

    I could be wrong but it sounds like interstitial condensation. The thing to understand is that as air moves through the fabric of a building the temperature will affect the moisture content. So as the air cools (as it progresses towards the exterior) moisture forms. Every wall construction...
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    slightly unusual fixing query re lath & plaster

    I have some very nice stainless steel hooks that I am looking to fix into an old lath and plaster wall. The hooks are a contemporary, simple style that are simply a curved L-shape. The length of the hook has a thread on it and is designed to simply screw into a rawplug. I have tried using...
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    removing and re-laying an existing timber floor-crazy idea?

    Ideally I'd like to lay a new floating timber floor on top of the our existing timber floor. Unfortunataley I'm unlikely to be able to afford this any time remotely soon and had another idea. Is this a completely stupid idea? I'd appreciate any thoughts. Existing: 2 floor victorian flat ie...
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    Joinery: Eggshell vs Satinwood, Acryic vs Solvent?

    I need to pain quite a bit of joinery in the house. Primarily doors, skirting, cupboards etc. My main concern apart from general finish is durability, particularly with a little nipper around who loves to gives things a bash! So I just wondered what people's view was on the durability...