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    Yet another venting question

    We are having problems with foul smell in our toilet. The smell is only inside the pan. If the lid is shut you can hardly smell anything. I have replaced the elbow fitting and I am sure that this is 100% airtight. The soil pipe is just connect to the sewer with the elbow. There is no...
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    Sewage Smell but no dry traps.

    There is not and never was one. My gutters and kitchen waste run into a grid out side. My bathroom is on the ground floor at the back of the house and the sink, bath and shower tray all run round to the same grid. The soil pipe from the toilet is a 110mm hole in the fl0or of the...
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    Sewage Smell but no dry traps.

    There is NO soil stack now! That is what I think is causing the problem. So to be clear by toilet is just connected to a 110mm pipe with no stack, vent or AAV. Is this causing a vaccum and pulling the smell back into the house?
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    Sewage Smell but no dry traps.

    I have a sewage smell coming from my toilet in my victorian terraced house. The toilet is new and has been fitted by a builder. All the traps are full in the bathroom. I have refitted the toilet myself with a new 90 degree waste pipe and I am 100% certain that this pipe is airtight...