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    insulating a ceiling with a curve and slope

    thanks for the reply mountain walker, i was thinking of running the battens parallel to the curve so would not have to make them fit as such. I hadn't thought about moisture but will start looking for some polythene sheets. Thanks again
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    Shower electrics melting

    Thanks for the replies, I will strip the cables back a good distance from the damaged areas and refit a new pull cord (probably MK) and make sure the terminals are tight. Would it be worth crimping a little nodule ( not sure what they are called) onto the end to ensure a good connection?
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    insulating a ceiling with a curve and slope

    Hello all, I have a ceiling in a bedroom that I want to insulate. The room gets very cold and I think that the heat is escaping through an uninsulated part of the ceiling. The loft space above the bedroom extends to approx half the width of the room below and then the slope extends into the...
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    Shower electrics melting

    thanks for the reply, the shower is downstairs. The routing of the cable is approx 5ft shower - pull switch then pull switch - fuse box approx 20-25ft running between ceiling and wooden floor above so I don't think any insulation. I cant pull any more of it through so I assume that it is...
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    Shower electrics melting

    Hello all, I have a strange problem. The shower in my bathroom was installed 18months ago. It is a 10.5kw shower and I think a 10mm2 cable. It worked fine for a year until one day the pull cord stopped working. I opened it up and found that some white plastic had melted over the cord...
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    Stupid or genius solution?

    Hello, I recently went into the attic and noticed I had lost a roof tile. The roof is fairly old and could do with replacing, I just can't afford it yet. A few years back we lost a few and had it repaired with those little lead strips by a roofer. Whil I was in the attic I wondered is it...
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    Scenic air distribution

    Another problem I am having with my renault scenic (P reg) is that the air only blows up to the widscreen. I imagine that this is something to do with the air distribution box. Are the flaps manually operated (and therefore could have got stuck) or electronic? Could the box be repaired (i am...
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    Hello all, My car (Renault scenic p reg) has just developed a couple of problems The first one is that when the radio is on and the engine is running I get a ticking noise from the speakers. A couple of people have said to me that it is the suppression. What does this mean and how can I fix...
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    looking to but an S reg scenic - any advice

    I am looking to buy an S reg Scenic, does any one have any advice about what to look for on this particular model? thanks Andrew
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    32 to 20mm adapter

    Thanks very much Chris, that exactly what I am looking for Andrew
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    32 to 20mm adapter

    Is there such a thing as a 32mm to 20mm pipe adapter? The reason I ask is that I have a toilet only Saniflow unit and would like to install a sink in the toilet. The sink outlet is either 40mm or 32mm I can't remember and I was thinking that it would be better to attach the waste outlet...
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    Motorbike fuel efficiency

    I am thinking of getting bike again and was just wondering how efficient the engines are now. Not that it would make much of a difference to what bike I would buy but it would help convince the wife that it is a good idea if they are more efficient than my diesel clio. I would be looking at a...
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    Micro Billing - Anyone had any experience

    Its all totally innocent! pay £19.99 and for the chance to win 10,000 Ugandan dollars, just provide your bank account details and sort code and we can release the monies as soon as possible :lol:
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    Acoustic Engineers

    Hello all, Considering Part E of the building Regs have any of you had to use or know of an acoustic engineer being used to commision buildings, offer advice etc on domestic housing or small jobs such as extractor fans for restaurants? I am an acoustic engineer but working in a different area...
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    Double FCU??

    could you not use a dual gang grid switch? It would make a neat solution.
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    RCD FCU and Sink

    Thank Luminaire, The circuit is a radial coming from an older CU with fuses and therefore has not got an RCD. Andrew
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    RCD FCU and Sink

    I will be moving my sink soon to the other side of my kitchen onto an external wall. I have a single socket on a radial circuit close to the new location of the sink. From memory the distance to the socket will be about 750mm from the sink itself but closer to the draining part of sink (if you...
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    combined dishwasher/washing machine outlet

    Thank you for your help kirkgas and diyisfun. The fall on the pipes is not a problem as I will be moving them closer to the drain. I will use the suggestion from diyisfun and connect to standpipes using a T connection and second trap. Thanks again Andrew
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    combined dishwasher/washing machine outlet

    Thanks for the reply Chris, you have solved my problem with your wonderful advice - I shall go to my nearest DIY shop and purchase some "Plumbing". :D Will the guy behind the desk understand what I am looking for? Or do I need to be more specific? not all of us have your encyclopaedic knowledge...
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    combined dishwasher/washing machine outlet

    hello all hope you had a good christmas. I took a break from the DIY but am now back on it. Anyway, One project I am working on is to move the dishwasher and washing machine from one side of the kitchen to the other. At the moment the dishwasher connects the the trap under the sink and the...