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    Extending wires for light fitting

    Yes rob extending the cables is fine. However i would advise that you extend the cables inside the light fitting and not by connecting the cables behind the light fitting and shoving the connection block into the ceiling as i have seen many times before. It just means you have access to the...
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    Moving Sockets

    Just out of curiosity Holmslaw, how far into the wall do you put your back boxes? whats the depth from the finished plaster to the outside of your backbox? I am just wondering as i have always placed the front edge of my back boxes flush with the plaster work meaning the socket front would be...
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    Rewiring for a 10.8kW shower

    Trying to pull a cable the way you described is nearly (if not) impossible. it might not sound far but trying to pull a 10mm cable vertically up while it is running through some joists isnt advised. Maybe you should try it first to see if it can be done? You say you would have to have 3 new...
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    A few points: You are allowed to spur only once off any socket on a ring main. If you so wish you could put in as many Junction boxes on a ring main as you liked and spurred off each of those junction boxes once each. (Not adviseable but technically nothing wrong with it. If you Connect...
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    Replacing a bathroom light/heater unit

    Easiest way to check is turn on some upstairs lights and the heater/light in the bathroom. Go to the consumer unit and turn off the circuit marked upstairs lights and check if the lights and the light/heater are off. if this is the case then it should simply be a case of changing the...
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    size of cabbel

    I would say the easiest way to do this (assuming you live in a regular sized house) without doing any long calculations and having to worry if the cable will be big enough etc is to wire a ring main circuit from your consumer unit to the garage i.e. A 2.5mm twin and earth cable from your...