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    Satinwood vs Eggshell

    ok... I think Satinwood will be the way to go - but would I still need to do two coats or would one generous one be enough ? I know that Satinwood looks good with two as is "self undercoating" but if the surface is good already how much impact would that have ???
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    Customer laughed at my quote

    Hi Zampa... Spot on. A few months ago I lost out on a straight "tosh job" where the guy had asked for the quickest and cheapest job possible in a house he was renting out. I went in at £100 a day + materials at cost and he turned me down. Found out later he got TWO Polish guys for £60...
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    varnishing a newly sanded wooden floor

    I would suggest that you DONT use Ronseal quick drying varnish. Couple of guys did a floor in the house where I was working (with hand sanders !!!!) and sealed floor with two coats of the above. I did raise an eyebrow at the time but not my area and client was very satisfied - especially as...
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    New Year, New Bathroom

    Taking on a bathroom for the first time is a daunting task - especially when its your first one and you are doing your own house, presumably working full time AND having to live in the house at the same time... Living without a bath/basin is fine but living without a toilet for any length of...
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    Customer laughed at my quote

    Ok.. Has something suddenly happened to the decorating market that anyone is aware of... as Ive just had four knockbacks in a row over price for the first time in three years. First was a reasonable size three bed semi in with 9ft ceilings - quote was to decorate hall stairs &...
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    Satinwood vs Eggshell

    Hi Guys... I have a quote to do for a lady who requires all of her skirtings, door frames and x20 8 panel doors throughout the house to be re-painted. All are painted in Satinwood at present and are all in excellent smooth condition already, they really just need freshening up. Would I...