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    Central Heating

    Thanks for your reply, No the valve sits in line and only has two connectors, which I guess, an inlet and outlet..... if I had thought about it indicates it's a single valve rather than a double!! Where would the heating diverter valve be positioned? is there an easy way of finding it...
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    Central Heating

    We have a Keston C40 boiler. We have hot water, but no central heating. We call in someone to look at the system, he advised the boiler is ok and doing what it is meant to, which with my little understanding and reading the manual it does..... He looked for the diverter valve and could...
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    I have replaced the en-suit and all is well, except the drainage from the sink. It is quite a long way I used the existing 32mm drainage, when the sink is filled, the water drains away very very slowly and when empty glugs for ages. Almost as if the pipe is blocked I guess that it is...
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    I am setting myself up to fit a new bathroom suite. Any tips or things I should be thinking of before I get stuck in... When laying tiles on the floor what thickness plywood should I use Any help or giuldance would be appreciated Thanks
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    Room Thermostat

    I have removed an old Honeywell Thermostat and have fitted a Drayton Digistat 3. I recorded the wiring set up on the old thermostat before unwiring it. Upon fitting the new, if the temp is moved down, it blows the fuse on the timer in the airing cupboard, which I have left on constant as...
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    Fitting Radiator

    I have purchase a new rad, same size as the old one. Fitted a TRV. The pipework comes out of the floor, which is a ground floor and have no lateral movement. The radiator fitted with the couplings is to wide for the existing pipework by about 1/2". I am concerned if I pull the pipe to...
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    Wall Papering

    No plans to emulsion over wallpaper, My concern is when the wife wants new wallpaper in a couple of year/months time, will I be creating a problem for myself by papering straight onto the plaster. Cheers
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    Wall Papering

    Hi, Super fresco... I have prepared the walls, they are in good order, 70% of the walls the old magnolia has gone leaving bare plaster Regards
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    Wall Papering

    I have just stripped a bedroom of wallpaper. In a lot of areas the paint has come off with the wallpaper leaving bare plaster. I am going to re wallpaper the room, should I do anything to the walls to cover/protect the plaster or can I paper straight on to it. Thanks
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    Thanks for yor help
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    I am fitting TRV's to the rads, is it best to fit a new olive and coupling when fitting them or use the existing one? If it is best to fit new, what is the best way of removing the old Cheers