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  1. vulcancontinental

    Opentherm mode on Vokera easi heat 25

    Not following completely but the two OT connections from Tado go into the OT connections on the controls interface, that's it, you need do nothing else. The clock will still show alarms etc. but not have any influence on the boiler. CN 5 control is ignored once OT is connected.
  2. vulcancontinental

    Opentherm mode on Vokera easi heat 25

    Afraid the videos are gone, they asked me to remove them. I know little of Tado except that some time ago they removed bus control from the system in the UK and it became on/off only. I understand Tado is still OpenTherm in Europe, it depends where you buy it from. For the time being you could...
  3. vulcancontinental

    Boiler replacement

    Many times, or was standard for me, pumps lasted 25 years. Strangely enough it was Myson tech suggested it when I was discussing their Aerjec air separator. Never did anything else after.
  4. vulcancontinental

    Boiler replacement

    Only that it worked for me many times over decades and I serviced them and checked the F&E. Oldest would be 27 years, probably still in but my customer moved a couple of years ago .
  5. vulcancontinental

    Boiler replacement

    That's because I actually wrote it yesterday or the day before and forgot to press post, oh well, better late than never
  6. vulcancontinental

    Boiler replacement

    The compression couplings around the pump pipework indicate there's been previous issues. Do not extend the vent into the F&E water. Personally I'd remove the pipework around the pump and make sure it's clear visually then re-run the cold feed from the F&E cistern in 22mm and tee it into the vent.
  7. vulcancontinental

    Delta T rating help

    You shouldn't really be offered a choice as the Building Regulations for new systems stipulate radiators should be sized for a heat pump temperature regime even if a boiler is being installed so it's a straight swap later. Emitter surface 50 degrees, internal air temperature 20 degrees, delta...
  8. vulcancontinental

    Vokera boiler vision 25s always staying on

    If it's an S there is no preheat as that's available only on a combi. The TA link may have been left in on the pcb. Any lights left on or flashing on the front panel?
  9. vulcancontinental

    Any Gas Boiler that can use FLEXIBLE Flue?

    My post, which I have forgotten about, was dated 2019, 4 years ago! Yes, I heard last year the flexible flue had been discontinued, not through a problem, simply there was so little demand. As I work for Vokera it pains me to say there are other manufacturers that may be able to assist, try...
  10. vulcancontinental

    Viessmann Weather Compensation

    Listen to the manufacturer, if they say not together then OK, make your choice. Wait till winter, whatever your occupancy lifestyle and preference run it OT for a week reading the gas meter and noting comfort before during and after then switch to WC doing the same thing the following week and...
  11. vulcancontinental

    Unvented Cylinder Vs Tradiotnal Vented - Did I Do This All Wrong?

    Vented: Simplicity Gravity I had 30" from tank base to rose pressure flow no problem, no pump. Insulate and move gate valves once a year leaving them fully opened then turned back a rotation. Cost both initial and ongoing is cheaper. Unvented: Cost, both initial, ongoing with increased water...
  12. vulcancontinental

    Heat only vs Combi boilers control- set flow temperature

    Yes, that's what we do on basic boilers, simpler but chalk and cheese. If it gets the job done however, go for it.
  13. vulcancontinental

    How much work to change from conventional boilet to combi boiler

    The BRE put this to bed years ago, system boilers are marginally more efficient but that is lost between a boiler and cylinder. If you get an unvented cylinder that’s two services a year, if you plan ahead for a heat pump you’ll need a heat pump ready cylinder and that’s not cheap. You can tie...
  14. vulcancontinental

    Dew point of natural gas

    If you mean the dewpoint of the flue gases after burning NG it will vary dependent on the amount of excess oxygen supplied to the burner.
  15. vulcancontinental

    Combi boiler in loft - wasting loads of cold water on tap in ground floor

    I do, I try to dissuade combis in a loft, boilers,, OK but locating a combi as far as possible from the tap you use most is not a great idea - however the customer is always right. I think you're missing the point however, it's not the cold water you run off before the hot arrives, water goes...
  16. vulcancontinental

    Heat only vs Combi boilers control- set flow temperature

    Yes; is your boiler OpenTherm? If so use EPH controls and set for priority hot water reheat which it will do at high temp (set to whatever reheat temperature you want, say 75degrees) then when hot water is up to temperature supply space heating at a modulated flow temperature dependent on...
  17. vulcancontinental

    Boiler condensing possible with Rads (no UFH)?

    Make sure the water in the system and cistern do not have circulation between them or aeration. Know how to pipe size and position connections and circulator. Sealed systems avoid those issues.
  18. vulcancontinental

    Boiler condensing possible with Rads (no UFH)?

    Personally I am happy with open vented systems when I installed them as I knew how to do it to avoid air ingress and achieve inert deoxygenated water in the heating system, that is not commonly the case. Take a look at the water in the small feed and expansion cistern in the loft, if clean and...
  19. vulcancontinental

    Boiler condensing possible with Rads (no UFH)?

    Just use an OpenTherm ready heat only boiler and EPH controls to operate two zone valves on DHW priority. An additional feature would be to add weather compensation if the boiler allows. Either or the combination would do what you require. Not sure Atag is heat only or the heat only Vaillant can...
  20. vulcancontinental


    Viessmann 222, I'm told a good unit but I'm not a Viessmann fan particularly however it's an all in one unit which I think has the same limitations as desktop computers with CD and processors in the screen; you're stuck if something fails and the part will be expensive as there's only one...