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  1. Eddy9000

    Filling holes in interior brickwork

    Hi there, I just moved my radiator from an exposed brick wall, and on moving it there were two holes, about 4" diameter and 2" depth. Looks like someone had tried to fix the radiator previously and made a mess of the brick, and just placed the radiator over it. I was wondering what the best...
  2. Eddy9000

    Secondary glazing, large windows, small windowsill

    Thanks John, It's bought but leasehold so I can't actually make structural changes. The frames are black plastic. I'll try to get a picture up but not great with computers so can't promise! They are large rectangular windows formed of 5 rows of 4 smaller panes, the centre 4 swing out on a...
  3. Eddy9000

    Secondary glazing, large windows, small windowsill

    Hi everyone, I've just moved into a new apartment and the traffic noise is killing me. It isn't a busy road but every time a car roars up it its like its inside my flat. I can also hear people talking outside like I was next to them. The windows are large factory style windows and appear to...