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    Medium oak upvc angle trim

    Hi, as above, anyone know where I can get some mediu/light oak pvc angl trim. Thanks
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    Stain block

    Hi guys, I recently installed a new staircase, I’ve painted it with water based acrylic primer undercoat and then a quick dry satin, yes you’ve guessed it a couple of months later the knots are bleeding through! Do I need to rub back to bare wood before applying a stain block or can I apply it...
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    Cove adhesive

    Hi guys, I’ve recently fitted some polystyrene coving and am well happy with it, especially the weight, I used instant nails from toolstation but not that impressed with it as I still had to pin the coving until it set.... my question is are the any instant grab adhesives out the that would work...
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    Acrylic paint finish

    Thanks for your reply’s guys, I’m nearly finished on the water based now, think I’ll go back to solvent based paint…
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    Acrylic paint finish

    Hi all professiona painters, I’ve just fitted a new staircase and am painting it using acrylic primer undercoat, then acrylic top coat, my question to you guys is how the hell do you get a decent finish with this water based paint!! It drys so quick!! Is there some trade secret or do you stick...
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    Silicon vs instant grab

    Hi guys, I’m looking at fitting some 8x4 pvc Hygiene sheets to the Wall, I’ve done this before but can’t remember if I used silicon or instant grab adhesive? I’m now stressing over the fact that grab adhesive will skin over too quickly, and also that a lot of them nowadays are solvent free so...
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    Cheapest place for Hygiene 8x4 pvc sheets

    Yeah just ordered some, it’s the blxxdy postage that’s killing it…
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    Cheapest place for Hygiene 8x4 pvc sheets

    As the heading says guys, where is the cheapest supplier of hygiene sheets, thanks.
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    Trimmer size

    Hi guys, I’m just about to fit a trimmer in for my new stairs, 850 length I’m using 150x47 c24, should I double up or will a single length do? The stairs have two newals . Thanks
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    Sign off problem

    They want the 7671 certificate, by what your saying can I assume an EICR is not a 7671 ?
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    Sign off problem

    Hi, I’ve recently had an extension built but parted company with the builder before it was finished, the first fix electrical work has been done but I need the second fix completed before I can get it signed off, I’m getting ridiculous prices from electricians to do this!! Am I right in thinking...
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    Staircase glue/adhesive?

    Hi, just about to take delivery of a new staircase, and wondering what type of glue/adhesive is best for the wedges?
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    Cutting a wc pan

    All done now guys, managed to cut away a little of the joist and spin the soil connector round a little
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    Cutting a wc pan

    Hi guys, is it possible to cut a piece of the wc pan out? Due to a cowboy builder putting the soil pipe too far away from the wall!!! Just wondering if anyone has tried this, or will it shatter into little pieces???
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    Advice needed - new staircase

    Hi veedee, yes I’m very interested, I’ve looked at a company called stairbox but not too sure? If you could please let me know then I can put them to my list of potentials, thanks
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    Advice needed - new staircase

    @veedee, did you find a company that you would recommend?
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    Staircase recommendations

    Hi all, I’m looking for an online staircase manufacturer, just a basic quarter turn in white wood (no MDF) don’t want it to last for ever but also don’t want rubbish, any recommendations? Thanks
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    Floor bracing

    The building is 1960s, work was done a year ago.
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    Oversized notching

    Don’t inspect notches? So why do we pay for there service!? The floor falls through who’s liable….
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    Oversized notching

    50mm deep in 150mm joists x6, 3m span, 300mm from end!