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  1. Old Salt

    Facefit garage door

    Is that looking from inside the garage? If so it should do the job.
  2. Old Salt

    Facefit garage door

    I have a roller door fitted on the other side so it fits flush. Alternatively screw a suitable wooden batten to bridge the gap.
  3. Old Salt

    Most Likely Causes Of Clunking From NS Front Hub Suspension?

    …and use a pry bar it will show up any worn components in the suspension
  4. Old Salt

    MCS Rule - Homeowners Present

    The wife could always be called away “urgently” to deal with a family crisis. Arrange a phone call timed to take place during the visit and use it as your get out if necessary.
  5. Old Salt

    Nitrile work gloves

    Toolstation has them as nitrile
  6. Old Salt

    Attic Problems help needed please

    I had condensation in my bungalow roof when we moved in and opted for roof tile vents. 2 in each side cured the problem. Roofer did it for £500 including replacing some cracked tiles, and a leak from some torn felt which he replaced and tucked under/over the existing felt having removed about 12...
  7. Old Salt

    Most Likely Causes Of Clunking From NS Front Hub Suspension?

    Jack car just off the ground and put a pry bar under the tyre. Move the bar up and down whilst checking underneath to see any movement.
  8. Old Salt

    Garage leak through ceiling

    I would have the ceiling taken down so you get a better idea of what is happening and keep a diary of wind direction, rain etc to assist in determining which particular weather conditions are affecting the leak. Personally I had an en suite above my garage and the builders conveniently put a...
  9. Old Salt

    Household Pest noises

    Sounds as if it is haunted then as that is all that’s left. Have a look in the loft to see if anything has come loose, tiles or some such, check the guttering from outside. If you cant see anything, sell up and pass the problem to someone else.
  10. Old Salt

    Facebook Market scams

    Unless you just want some bricks
  11. Old Salt

    Loft aerial upgrade

    Freesat then if your being picky
  12. Old Salt

    Compliance certificate should there be a hard copy?

    I bought a bungalow in 2018 with no EICR, no window guarantee, an outdated loft wood treatment and the whole place needed gutting, new boiler, new radiators, new kitchen, bathroom etc. It needed updating into the 21st century. Didn't put me off as I knew it all needed doing. My electrician is...
  13. Old Salt

    Compliance certificate should there be a hard copy?

    A piece of paper is not going to make the difference between a sale or not unless the buyer is a complete d*ck. It may be reflected in the price but unless you are planning to pop your clogs soon I wouldn't worry about it.
  14. Old Salt

    Loft aerial upgrade

    I am in a premier inn in newcastle and the signal is crap. Get a dish and freeview telly.
  15. Old Salt

    Household Pest noises

    So its something that doesn't like the rain, hmm?
  16. Old Salt

    Washing Machines - which makes are generally thought of as the best these days?

    I have a bosch, previously 2 hotpoints (but never again).
  17. Old Salt

    Daytime Running Lights Crisis

    Drove 180 miles today, mostly in torrential rain. Lots of cars with seemingly no lights on. For gods sake when its p*ssing it down put your headlights on, dont rely on drl’s as those behind you cant see you!
  18. Old Salt

    Rugby world cup.

    World rugby have a stated policy of residency. I believe it is 2 years, hence why you get “foreign” players playing for whoever will have them. The “smaller” nations will only improve by playing stronger opposition and gaining experience from seasoned coaches etc. If rugby is to survive it...
  19. Old Salt

    School Bus Stopping Outside House. Kids entering driveway and came up to window. Scratched car.

    Keep pestering the school until they claim nothing to do with us as it is outside school hours. Pester the bus company to use the correct pick up point. Pester the kids by waiting on your drive for them. Pester the police about anti social behaviour of that schools pupils. Go to the local press...
  20. Old Salt


    Fixed daughters bike over the weekend. New tubes and tyres pumped up to 45psi, tyre showed 50!