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  1. RepairingDave

    Editing DVD / .ts videos

    Thanks for your suggestion. It is definitely worth a look... I will just have to see how long the encoding takes. I don't necessarily need simple software, but I want something easy to use to do what I see as a quite simple edit ( i.e. I won't be using the bells and whistles, so it doesn't...
  2. RepairingDave

    Editing DVD / .ts videos

    I've got some files that were recorded onto a memory card, which I would like to put on a DVD. I've transferred the filed to my PC, but now want to edit/trim the video before hopefully burning them onto a DVD. So far I've tried avidemux which saves the video as .mkv that I am not familiar...
  3. RepairingDave

    Nail gun or heavy duty staple gun for 25 mm pins

    Thanks for the reply. I don't want to go down the air gun route as I don't have a compressor. The cheapest mains powered ones only take shorter pins. I might be separating them to hammer in by hand or they will be making an appearance on ebay soon.
  4. RepairingDave

    Nail gun or heavy duty staple gun for 25 mm pins

    Does anyone know what the biggest size pins/nails a staple gun can take? I have considered getting a new staple gun as the one I have is broken/worn and can be unreliable. I also have loads of boxes of 16 gauge x 25 mm long pins/nails, so it makes sense to get a new one that allows me to use...
  5. RepairingDave

    hinges for shed

    This would mean you couldn't take the doors off, but what about heavy duty ball bearing hinges? In the right place, to doors would fold back over 180 degrees. I'm I'm not sure what how much weight they could hold though - I'm sure other could advise. Alternatively, you could have sliding doors...
  6. RepairingDave

    My boots are loosing their sole!

    (y) I might have to give that a go one day. I completely agree, I've hand many pairs split or come apart alongside the ball of my foot where they have to flex. There went without warning though.
  7. RepairingDave

    Weed killer leaking out into back of van

    Anything to keep it upright, putting it in an empty bucket is better than nothing. Also, make sure the pressure is released using the valve - then check again, especially when it is hot weather.
  8. RepairingDave

    My boots are loosing their sole!

    That tube of sealant is more than I would spend on these boots - it might end up being a gaffer-tape-job! There were actually closer to £5 per boot! I've found what I had here, but they are also available here for more money :eek: I've had them just over 2 years - so the limited offer on...
  9. RepairingDave

    My boots are loosing their sole!

    I'll try a posting the links: Boot 1 Boot 2 Boot 3 They definitely aren't worth paying for a repair. The other boot seems ok as it seems better attached at the front and this one has worn away with kneeling. I just wondered if anyone had any suggestion for a cheap repair to get a bit more...
  10. RepairingDave

    My boots are loosing their sole!

    After a bank holiday digging up and replacing a stop tap, the sole on one of my boots has started to come away from themselves. They weren't expensive (ebay, but seller suggested £50+ as the rrp) so were possibly seconds. As one of the boots is still perfectly serviceable, can anyone...
  11. RepairingDave

    Help in identifying guttering.

    It look like there is something printer on the round elbow - however it could just be a date stamp.
  12. RepairingDave

    Aerial cable or socket?

    I what is there is working, you could us on of these: flex outlet plate. Something similar could have been there before and it got taken of when there was either a problem of they decorated and was never replace.
  13. RepairingDave

    Best way of getting rid of tree stump (that’s out of the ground)?

    Leave it in a corner to rot and for the insects to enjoy.
  14. RepairingDave

    Any ideas on what finish this is?

    I depends on how good you want to finish to look and if you mind being able to see that there has been damage in the past. You could build up layers on furniture wax or try some like wax repair sticks on it. If you are going to the effort of removing all brass work ten you might want to go to...
  15. RepairingDave

    Best glue/adhesive for plastic

    Have you thought of trying super glue and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda on the American websites) which could reinforce it underneath where it can't be seen. You could also reinforce it with plastic across the join - maybe some strips of nylon zip tie?
  16. RepairingDave

    Where to cut for a letter box

    I'd go for something like this: As @conny says, an external letter box would stop any drafts. The brushes and strong springs which try to stop the drafts also make it very difficult to post a single envelope without turning it into...
  17. RepairingDave

    Telephone Headsets

    Are you connecting to a pc or tablet? Do you have a budget? A good pair of headphones and a separate USB microphone could also be an option depending on what connections you have available.
  18. RepairingDave

    Speedtouch 330: Use or ornament? Parts or paperweight?

    I had a feeling that might be the case. I have the "torched frog" which isn't the most attractive. It sounds like 1 metre of spare usb cable is the best I can get from them.
  19. RepairingDave

    Speedtouch 330: Use or ornament? Parts or paperweight?

    I've found a couple of speedtouch 330 modems (the black squarish ones) which I had for broadband years ago. Does anyone know if these have any use or value nowadays? -> I tried to get one working with windows 10 without success (if it has worked I would have had internet in a power cut). ->...
  20. RepairingDave

    New UPVC Window frame bowed / warped

    From the first photos, it looks to me like the red packer at the top right should be about twice as thick. If you loosen the fixing yourself it would be very awkward to as the company back after you have changed it, plus the expanding foam might be holding it in place. That fact that the...