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  1. Gasop

    Bleed oil pump

    A plumber would most likely have as much idea of how to vent an oil pump as you. Yes you have been trying to vent from the wrong place and would likely cause a lot of damage If the boiler was to fire. You need to get in a technician experienced in oil.
  2. Gasop

    riello burner

    Think he probably means over aired.
  3. Gasop

    New combi (poor gas supply)

    100 feet 15mm plus fittings could probably run a Bunsen burner ok!
  4. Gasop

    Washer for a drain cock

    Any of the sheds. Your local plumbers merchant, or just buy another drain cock of the same type and change over the guts of it.
  5. Gasop

    Turning off Hot Water to Taps

    The valve without a wheel on it is the one to turn off. Use a spanner or adjustable to turn off. Open a downstairs hot tap to empty the pipe work, there should be very little water to drain.
  6. Gasop

    Boiler flu sounds like a gurgling drain!

    Oh dear..............:cry:
  7. Gasop

    Lockshield (compression) olive question

    Simple answer, if the olive not in the right place then ' it the valve with a nammer' to put it in the right place. The olive not in fixed place until tightened with compression nut.
  8. Gasop

    Logged out between every visit

    Same here. For the last three days have to log in every time.
  9. Gasop

    Temporaly Remove Radiator

    Perhaps I have missed something. Why would the OP need to drain down the system to remove the radiator with both valves closed?
  10. Gasop

    Bath waste gap

    Trap extension pieces are available for your situation in 1 & 2 inch lengths. Most plumbers merchants would stock these.
  11. Gasop

    Heatslave 15/19 struggles to fire

    Spot on oilboffin.
  12. Gasop

    Self-moderating tool

    What about long standing members who are ****s?
  13. Gasop


  14. Gasop

    Boiler Relocation cost

    Oyster card costs money. Agile must be on bus pass by now judging by his mug shot so should be cheaper. (I am pushing 71 and he looks a lot older than me!)
  15. Gasop

    Tap connector with ELBOW ???

    That's no good! The OP wanted a left turn elbow. That is clearly a right turn elbow:rolleyes:
  16. Gasop

    Connecting the Outlet pipe to the gas meter

    A vice would be a bit lumpy to lug around on a bus. A decent pair of grips would do the same job.
  17. Gasop

    central heating pump size

    I think you are saying that the boiler is ok on hot water alone but overheating on heating alone call. (The comma appears to be in the wrong place) My view is the three port is at fault rather than the pump.
  18. Gasop

    boiler low pressure, doesnt have filling loop?

    In that case you still may have a make up tank at a high point like in a high cupboard.
  19. Gasop

    boiler low pressure, doesnt have filling loop?

    Yours is a very ancient boiler that could be filled with a closed header tank. Have a good look to see if there is no mains filling loop attached to the pipe work. Check in the loft, there may be a make up tank. This may have dried out due to ball valve being jammed closed. If there is make...
  20. Gasop

    Flexipipe tap fitting

    Don't use PTFE on the nipple, the threads don't make the seal. You would more likely end up with leaks.