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    Gas Safe engineer.

    Gas Safe engineer.
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    Cost of fitting one radiator.

    £80 for combi boiler drain down in London. £100 with a full drain with tanks in loft etc... (plus cost for valves if required)?
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    WDL540 Hotpoint fault?

    Hotpoint WDL540 with all bottom lights flashing. Starting from the bottom 1,3 and 4 lights are on permanent. I read a sticky post which said about c16 capacitor but after furher reading and removing board have found out thanks to ROCKS that it isn't on the WDL models? Can anyone point me in...
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    Ply floor depth?

    I have pine floorboards in my kitchen which I'm removing and replacing with plywood with tiles on top. The pine boards measure around 16mm. The problem I have is getting the floor from the hallway which is the pine to meet the new tiles and not have a huge lip. Can you use 12mm ply or does it...
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    Hotpoint WDL 540P UK C problem?

    Thought better of it and got Hotpoint out for the repair today.Had the guy speak on the phone to me whilst he was here and he said the motor was faulty? I told him about the clicking noise every 10mins and he said that it was the motor causing it.Get in tonight and test it and its doing exactly...
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    Hotpoint WDL 540P UK C problem?

    Relays on the pcb?Does this mean it may need a new board too? Thanks very much for your help.
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    Hotpoint WDL 540P UK C problem?

    Sorry for all the questions.How will I test it with a meter because it seems to go at the same temp/time interval everytime.Will it just go open circuit and could it be this making the clicking noise too.
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    Hotpoint WDL 540P UK C problem?

    Thanks for your help.I'm a boiler repair man by trade.Next question is are these both easy repairs or do I get the pros in for it?
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    Hotpoint WDL 540P UK C problem?

    My washer dryer is making a clicking noise every 10mins when on a drying cycle.All 4 bottom lights flash.The spinning symbol and drying symbol are solid green.The wash symbol is very faintly on.When it locks out the machine needs resetting. This has gone on for 2 weeks.Today it now isnt drying...
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    Clio Alize prob after another.

    Seems to be collecting just below the rad.This is after running for around 5/10 mins stationary.Took it back tonight to the guy who done the head.I will post the outcome.What worried me before I took it to him was he said it maybe internally on the engine?Anyway he is putting it on a pressure...
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    Clio Alize prob after another.

    My car has been losing small amounts of water for some time.The problem got very bad and before we took it to the garage again it was losing 2L every 2/3 days. Last week the timing belt snapped whilst driving.I had it fixed along with the engine damage and a new water pump(mechanic said it had...
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    Unvented cylinder - vibrating noise after h/w is drawn off.

    It's like getting nicked by a copper and then being asked for your help off him inside years later when he gets knicked himself. I know I wouldn't help him...LET HIM GET ROGERED!
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    C/Water ballvalves failing ?

    I got a call about it only today.As far as I know the problem was that all the valve's wouldn't shut off (water coming from overflow). The valve that's now in is very slightly letting by. I'm going to change it but not sure what's causing them to break?
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    C/Water ballvalves failing ?

    When you say rising is it the pressure your talking about?
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    C/Water ballvalves failing ?

    I've got a customer who has had over 4 ball valves fitted in just over 3 years on the c/water storage tank. Any ideas what might be causing the problem.Mains pressure is less than a bar and a half and the water line is clean.I suspect maybe surging pressure?Any ideas very welcome,thanks.
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    worcester highflow 400 HW programmer

    Depends only of the needs of the user....nothing else. If you have a large household(lots of water demand),then yes.The cost to heat up the cylinder may or may not outprice leaving it on all the time. I would try leaving it off at night first of all.Trial and error.... As for the heating,it's...
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    new Baxi duotec2 pressure loss

    Turn the valves off under the boiler(flow and return).You cant use the heating for this test.leave for a couple of days and if it drops then it's def the boiler.If it don't drop then the problem is elsewhere(leak on pipework or rads). Most likely it's the expansion vessel needs pumping up.Will...
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    alpha cd28c hot water problem

    First place to start would be the gas(inlet and burner pressures).Can't work on that unless you are Gas Safe.
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    Loud noise on new Torbeck float valve?

    The valve is new.The old valve(which has no brand name on it)didn't have the problem? Just a faulty valve then?