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    plastering training

    would love to vv2806 but at the moment working in France , surely there r plenty of plasterers still in Cardiff.
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    plastering training

    Yes mate
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    plastering training

    If u lived nearer South Wales Dan u could have worked 4 me, Good luck.
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    Skimming a wall

    1/2 Days work yep id say about 125 quid.
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    Whats the secret to no lines from the float?

    Been spreading in Portugal mate, back on line now mate to give some sound advice like yourself. :P
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    Whats the secret to no lines from the float?

    Always use Marshalltown ,pricey but Quality with it. :lol:
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    No water coming from shower

    Yes its been working fine , is changing this valve a big job for a novice.
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    No water coming from shower

    Yes we have a combi and the water is running fine throughout the house.
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    No water coming from shower

    Please can someone advise me i have no hot or cold water coming from my shower would be gratefull for any advice.
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    Skimming cost - ballpark

    Agree with Monkey i charge about £400 a room.
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    Plastered walls need re skim

    Dont forget to get your money back off the cowboy who skimmed it first :roll:
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    plasterer cost

    £ 200 a day
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    First ceiling tomorrow

    Aways use stilts they r the biz
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    skimming over old plaster

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    Plastering my large high bedroom ceiling

    As you seem to be a novice at ceiling work , this is a fairly large area . Unless you can practice on a small ceiling i would forget it . I tend to use stilts for ceiling work where practical. Are u Plastering over artex?
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    skimming over old plaster

    Would not let her train on my walls ,as does not even know the basics. Better off training on wall in your own house or length of plasterboard before wrecking someones house me thinks. :lol:
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    skimming over old plaster

    Pva The wall and skim,surely u r not plastering for a living love.
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    Can anyone recommend a good plasterer nr Sheffield??

    I am a superb plasterer but im afraid i live near Cardiff :D
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    plaster in eye

    Yep had One in the eye in my early days ,not nice stings like hell.
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    Plastering Large areas - Technique

    One word mate Experience, the more walls you do the faster you will become,don't forget a good coat of pva on old walls to kill suction. :P