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    painting over wood filler

    It is a small box room, so I now get my son to leave his bedroom door open at night & open the window a little, but in winter it does get cold & I often find the window shut again in the morning.
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    painting over wood filler

    Thankyou very much for your help :D :D :D I'll get cracking then!!
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    painting over wood filler

    Many thanks Dec. So I just use the waterbased primer/undercoat?
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    painting over wood filler

    Hello, I am hoping someone can give some advice please. I'm painting my sons bedroom. The walls & woodwork are all finished apart from the wooden window frame & sill. The woodwork in all the room was previosly painted with an oil based satin which I sanded well, undercoated with Dulux...
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    Re-sealing fibrelass roof to asbestos panel

    Hi, We had a fibreglass roof put on our garage & over the front door about 8 years ago but the sealant has perished. Our 1920's, square bayed semi has that mock tudor frontage (black& white). The large white panels are asbestos which are painted with emulsion, the black is wood painted with...
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    painting over emulsion on woodwork.

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on a problem. We are decorating the hall, stairs & landing. I took a lot of time & effort to strip 2 runs of skirting with nitrmors and prepared all the rest of the previously very yellowed, glossed woodwork (sanding, filling etc). I went...