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    Leaking Gutter box

    Hi all - I have a conservatory with a leaking gutter box. It took me a while to realise that it actually has a small hole in it (about 8mm??) The problem I have is that I am unable to get to the top of the gutter itself (it is almost impossible unless I dismantle most of the conservatory...)...
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    Steps to garage???

    The brickies are finishing off today - will take pictures when I get home, if it isnt too dark :( :(
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    Steps to garage???

    Hi all - bit of a strange question... I have recently had an extension built and as such the garage behind it is for storage only now (the car never got in it anyway) - but I now have a 1 metre path at the side of the house and the as the extension is level - the garage is now 4ft higher than...
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    Soakaway Treasure Hunt!

    The house was built in 1969 - so my guess is that it wont have a soakaway. I just think the Building Regs guy wants to see me dig... And to top it all - the ground is heavy clay - we had to dig down for the sewerage connection and the hole constantly has water in it just going nowhere. The...
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    Soakaway Treasure Hunt!

    Hi all - strange one this.... Basically I am having a double storey extension built to the side of my house. The front garden will now be block paved to become the driveway (which has been built over). Now - the Building Regs guy called in yesterday and talked to my wife - he has given us a...
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    Straightening PVC French Doors

    Hello, I have a big headache with this problem!! I have installed my conservatory (first time ever) and the french doors have been the bane of my life!! :evil: I had a bricky to create the dwarf wall for me - but it wasn't built EXACTLY to plan - the wall leading to the opening was built 9mm...
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    Marley Classic Guttering on conservatory...

    Hi, I am presently building my own double hipped conservatory on the back of an existing extension (hence why it needs to be double hipped) using a box gutter. Now the problem is that the conservatory doesnt go the full length of the extension by about 1 metre - so I will have to keep the half...
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    Cavity wall....and slugs

    Hi all, bit of an odd request here - so here goes... I have slugs entering my house via the cavity wall - it is not sealed where it is next to the PVC door in the kitchen. Now, I want to stop these little critters from entering - can I just seal the cavity wall with expanding foam??? Not...
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    Worcester 24cdi Boiler

    Thanks for the info!! Now I come to think of it - I did fill the loop with the key a while back and because the boiler is in the loft I forgot all about taking the key back out - perhaps I should take the key out and empty the system? Refill and see what happens?
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    Worcester 24cdi Boiler

    Hi, my combi boiler was installed in July 2005 by a friend of the father-in-law's - even though this type of combi boiler was not meant to have been installed after April 2005 :? - but I had heard bad things about condenser boilers.... but anyway - this boiler has started leaking through the...