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    dulux trade supermatt question

    lol. Shouldn't you be at work, 8.34 am , heheeheh
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    Painting Plaster

    depends whether there are any dibs on it, but a light sand with very fine paper will remove , if any? imperfections.
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    How can i make undercoat thicker???

    ideally but a new tin, or only buy smaller tins,make sure u clean the lids of u tins and wipe off exess from the top of the tin so the lid gets a flush fit ready for storage, if u follow the guidlines for the use of driers and apply these to brush painting then ull be fine, as zampa hints...
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    How can i make undercoat thicker???

    yup, good for areas u want a very quick drying time, but as i said be very careful, it has its uses.
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    Silk varnishing doors - disappointing finish.

    lol, silk man. in the present tense.
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    How can i make undercoat thicker???

    add some driers too it, be carefull though, it 'll go like cream cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssseeeee; lol
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    Putting up LCD TV on Wall Mount - Weaker Wall...

    trickey 1 this; mmm whats on the other side of the wall, i mean it sounds drastic but bolt through. or u could as has been surgested use gigantic collapsable rawl plugs; wht not instal a wire leash attached to the roof beams as a safety,paint it the same colour as the walls it wont show too...
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    I put Petrol in a diesel

    did he know u were english then, heheeh. we all must do it.
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    dulux trade supermatt question

    yeh defo what a lovely base, that will feel n look good, ahhh what dream lol
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    making the best of a bad job

    yeh its very interesting what qualities and preferences 'we' have to offer; above all quality is the key. as to compromise, well on a web site its difficult but as all tradesmen know we are paid to do the work. offering advice is useful and making sure it is understood is difficult, here...
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    textured paint

    heheehe 5 water, 1 pva ; use a roller and watch ur spray, oh before u seal clean all the dust up, hehehe use an old hoover or a cheapy 1 so if u break it who cares . thats money down the drain though. mmmm.
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    textured paint

    if ur thinking about plastering u need to get a quote off a plasterer; who will be able to a see ur walls and advise u; its only a quote and confirm physically what needs to be done. DO THIS. if ur r sanding and going to use lining paper then size; seal, with a mix of pva and water on the...
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    What is joint tape

    mmmm u seem confused; jointing tape is a woven mesh of fibre or acrylic mesh stickey on one side n in long rolls of various thicknesses, applied between plastered or boarded materials. it is used commonly in patching with plaster as u described; does ur whole ceiling need plastering or just...
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    Painting Walls

    if u search through the threads ull near enough always find an answer; the right way is always plaster and never try to patch up as the cost of time, effort and mistakes can so easily cost more than getting a good plasterer in to bond, key and finish plaster; this way ull get 90 degree...
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    making the best of a bad job

    lol defo, gcol. although i have seen paper before with plaster on top of it, needless to say it was falling off, paper as well. stripping and plastering is the solution.
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    textured paint

    a belt sander with coarse paper on it wil do it; a hire shop is the place to go, v inexpensive for the weekend's hire. the dust of such a job ' the WHOLE ROOM! lol ; will be emense. ull either need to cover the carpet n remove furniture or strip the room n carpet. tape the door seals up; and...
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    Water soluable paint

    paint the misses with a coat of gloss; that should keep her quiet :lol:
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    White gloss - the work of the devil?

    hmmm washed with sugar soap! sounds like the right way to me. but.....u gotta always let the wood dry out and never put to much water on wood, specially when using oils after it just dant mix. bumpin 's not much fun if it goes belly up. heheh
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    painting plasterboard

    hmmm lol, makes sense to seal a newly plastered wall, always. dont u think?