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    Miele tumble dryer

    We had it in our garage when it started happing. I have however moved it into our cloakroom now. All the filters are clean. It is a condensing type. Sorry no model number till I get home.
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    Miele tumble dryer

    Hi I have a Miele tumble dryer it is about 10 years old and it has developed a strange problem. Towards the end of a long heating cycle it trips the main RCD in my house. I need to turn off the tumble by the wall scoket in order to reset my RCD. I have taken a look at the heating element out...
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    glowworm boiler problem

    Glowworm compact is the model
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    glowworm boiler problem

    If the fan is stuck, will i have power at the fan? 240volts?
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    glowworm boiler problem

    I have a glowworm boiler model Qualifer A. It keeps cutting out. We switch it off for ten mins and them back on again the light comes on for central heating but the burner does not light.The fan does not turn on either. Bag the side of the boiler half a dozen times it starts. Any ideas...
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    glowworm boiler

    I can re charge it but it keeps emtpying out the pressure relif Valve. Do i need to change the valve.
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    glowworm boiler

    Water is leaking out of the prv. Does it need changing? :lol: Thanks Robert
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    glowworm boiler

    Hi I have just moved in to my new house. The boiler system had been drained down. I refilled it, bleed all the rads it worked fine for 2 days. Today the pressure had dropped below 1 bar it was filled to 2 bar when working. So I refilled it to 2 bar but the boiler did not fire up. The...
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    wall plates

    Hi I currently have 4 cables coming to the back of my sky box. Lnb 1 lnb 2 return and an aerial, I am looking for a wall plate to try and tidy it up. I bought Labgear Screened Socket Quadruplexed + Return it was not what i was looking for. Now I have opened a can of worms because it needs an...
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    Hot water takes a long time to reach the kitchen tap.

    Hi I live in a bungalow and have a problem with the hot water reaching the kitchen tap. It is very low presurre and takes a long time to get there. I had it installed about 8 years ago. It has a system boiler which heats up the hot water cylinder. The header tank is situatied in the top...
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    I am installing a new boiler and have been told it needs to be earthed. Where does it need connecting. If it is the gas pipe can i connect it at the meter? does it need connecting to the heating pipes and water main. Thanks :lol:
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    Vaillant eco tec

    I am looking at an eco tec exclusive combi 838 with an Vrc430 can i control all the boiler from the vrc430? Is it a wireless control if not how far can it be postioned from the boiler. Is the vaillant a better boiler then the bosch? Thanks Rob
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    Changing my boiler

    I am looking at changing my boiler, Is worchester Bosch a good strong boiler not sure if i should buy 37 cdi or 42cdi. Can you point me in the right direction Is bigger better? :!:
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