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    External wall not visible from road or by neighbours. I have the top layer (pebbledash) coming away from the sound render underneath. Can I carefully remove the pebbledash and then apply masonary paint directly onto the sound render?
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    Hello, I have a 2 metre square, ground floor patch of painted pebbledash which is flaking off taking the pebbles with it but leaving the render basecoat. Can I carefully take off any remaining loose pebbledash and then apply a tyrolean coat onto the existing basecoat? Do I need to do...
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    Opening up the loft

    Hi all, I would like to put in a permanent stairway to my loft (1950's 3 bed semi),and then board out the loft for easier storage and maybe the kids scalextric set. Oh, and a velux window for light. Can i get a builder to put in the stairs and move the (rafters?) that come down in a V...
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    spotty damp patches on chimney breast

    Hello, I have a bungalow where the lounge has been divided in half to make 2 bedrooms. The new partion wall joins the chimney breast (fireplace has been bricked up). In one bedroom there are 5 or 6 small damp looking spots on the chimney breast up to about the size of small saucers. The...
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    painting under blown pebble dash

    Hello, I have a bungalow where the top half of the walls are painted pebbledash all round. One section of wall facing south west has the painted pebble dash flaking off revealing the cement under. I cant afford to have it re done professionally and dont like the pebbledash anyway...
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    how urgent is blown pebbledash?

    I have a detached bungalow with pebbledash allround the top half and brick all around the bottom half. On one side wall (facing south) the pebbledash has blown revealing approx 3feet square patch of the cement render. Its been like this since last autumn. How urgent do I need to get this...
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    Applying sealant to old felt roof

    If I had the money I would get it replaced! As I haven't, I need to repair it while I save up.
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    Applying sealant to old felt roof

    Hi all, I have a bungalow with flat roofed porch with the usual felt and stone chippings on top. I am now getting a slow wet patch on an inside room in the area where the porch roof meets the pitched roof line of the bungalow. The rafter in the same area is also getting wet. I've had...
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    Peeling pebble dash

    Hi all, I live in a bungalow with the upper half of all external walls pebbledashed and painted. One section of side wall, that is not on view to the outside world, has the pebbledash peeling off - i guess its falling off but the paint is holding the falling bits together. This leaves the...
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    Quickie on changing rad with thermo valve

    Hello everyone, I have a slow leak on one end of a rad (on a sealed heating system) and plan on closing the rad valves each end and wrapping PTFE tape around thread to stop leak. On the opposite end to the leaking valve is a thermostatic valve. If I set this to zero will that close off the...