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    preparation for skimming walls

    Im getting my lounge walls skimmed.I have removed the wall paper,it came off pretty easily ,but it was painted many years ago and after paper removal the original paint seems quite flaky,also alot of the paste remains on the wall.What preparation will the walls need before giving a total...
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    Blistered Newly Skimmed walls

    Sounds like your plasterer didnt prepare the walls properly,the walls should be dust free for starters, and pva adhesive should have been applied prior to skimming which would have ensured adhesion .Im assumming that the walls are old i-e plaster lath. Covering your walls with pva is the...
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    Renewing my plaster celinings

    you dont have to take down the old ceiling,just plasterboard over ,that will prevent it cracking again.,it will be fine as long as it is nailed/screwed properly to the joists,then either skim with board or multi finish or use tapered edge boards and tape and joint
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    well just play safe and pva the wall say watered 6-1
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    lowering ceiling

    We lowered my friends ceiling last week using the british gypsum m/f was 12by10. All the materials cost £110 including the plaster so i think £400-£450 max would be a fairer price.It took us a good day to do the job
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    Hi,are the walls in fairly good condition? if not I would skim it after applying pva.If however they are in good nick Iwould skim it with gypsum easi-fill(tight coat) and then give it a coat of gypsum joint cement (bag) to finish it. i t comes up lovely when it has dried out .To finish it off g...
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    Any one used that 'Smooth on' plastering tub

    easi-fill is the best product to use for a will get it from BQ .2 coats and a rub down with 120 grit will leave you proud of the job youv,e done