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    Hoover HNL7166 Wasing Machine won't fill up

    I've had the washer for about 2 years. It will start as normal for about 10 seconds; filling up with all the right noises etc. However it then stops & does nothing else. The weird thing is though is that it works fine on a sports wash, so there's obviously something on the sports was that...
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    Biasi combi boiler spits out water from the release valve

    The release valve was replaced about 6 months ago as it was leaking. Now, after a bath is run or the shower has been in use for too long & the bolier has started cooling down; water starts spurting out of the top at quite some speed! Any ideas to whats causing this. No probs with pressure...
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    Help! Band of damp across an internal wall

    We've been noticing a band of damp for some time now about 12ins high across the whole wall area (about 3 foot). The wall is the hall & kitchen, but only damp on the hall side. The right side continues into a cupboard under the stairs so does eventually lean against the outside wall. However the...
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    Water Too Hot & Bolier Overheating

    Thanks for getting back to me, how do I check the following that you suggested- "The first thing to check with the boiler cold is the resistance of both temperature sensors. " "Next is to run 9 litres per minute from a hot tap and measure the inlet and outlet temperatures of the hot...
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    Water Too Hot & Bolier Overheating

    Hi I hope someone can help me.... We have a Biasi combi boiler - not sure of the model. CH works well alone but as soon as a water appliance goes on ie dishwasher the temperature creeps up to over 90 degrees which then overheats making the overheat button pop out. The water coming out of...