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    Solid Floor insulation and DPM

    Hi All, I have an old house 1881 which I bought in May this year, there was a lot of damp to the lower part of the ground floor walls which was hidden by dry lining. I removed all the dry lining and plaster which was sand and cement (really bad to use in an old house) and there was that...
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    1881 solid brick walls

    Hi All, I am renovating the house and stripped all plaster from walls, ceilings down, dry lining from ground floor internal walls and have broken up a terrible effort to lay a screed which had now membrane underneath. The exterior walls are rendered with that horrible Wethertex resin...
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    VAT Query

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    VAT Query

    Hi All, First post I am carrying out a renovation to an old cottage and building a new two storey extension. I will be doing 85% of the work myself, so what VAT will I pay on the purchase of materials. Regards Keith