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    upvc door wont close

    use 4mm alien key underneath the hinge, turn clockwise till you will manage to lock the door with the latch
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    Loose window handle

    Take off the top white cover where is a screw, bottom one u have got when u turn the handle. I think wont help, that loose would be not on the screws only the handle it self, in that case you wont manage to tight, only replace the handle.
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    Cracks in concrete window sill - best way to fill/repair pls

    What about the external tiles to put on?? should manage from outside
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    Damaged Window Hinge - Fixable?

    You can refix the hinge about 7-10mm above if the old place for hinge is busted.
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    UPVC Window to tall enough.

    Hi It is possible to attached the upvc profile lengh to the top of the frame, speak to your local windows manufacture to get one. The previous post suggestion seems to be less work and cost so would be better that way.
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    Best way to store uPVC windows and glass for several months

    Hi Do, whatever you want to store them, it doesn't matter, try do not brake the glass and don't scratch them
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    Eurolock jamming

    hi Get the door wide open and handle up then turn the key, if working fine means there is the door adjustment req, probably the door needs to go up. Hopefully your hinges will do.
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    Front Door and door sill measuring

    Hi I believe you are replacing a door inc the frame. You need to measure the wall to wall beside the frame and then add on aprox 20mm( depend on type of a hinges). About a cill, needs to be below the floor level( it depend of door type). Measure the hight from the top of the existing frame...
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    Hard wood door frame seals

    Hi Maybe the keeper of the night latch needs to be fitted away of the frame with some sort of packer(should be inside the lock box). Make sure you have fitted the seals proper way. Another solution, throw away the seals and fit the brush strip instead?
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    Jammed UPVC window lock

    Looks like btm corner is broken, try to take out and match with new parts online, just google it
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    Double Glazing Packers

    Hi only fulyreversable windows are req 4 sides packers
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    Help adjusting Everest Aluminium door

    crank39:- have you seen entrance alu door wrapped around gasket? I have not and there is no any :D Only sliding door could be, T/T windows and other doors can not.
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    Help adjusting Everest Aluminium door

    Hi, you have to take off wedge gasket on the glass, (should be inside) take off top and two verticals beads and put any plastic packer between the top of the glass and the door leaf on the handle side, somebody need to lift the door up by grab the handles so will make the gap for packer. Good luck
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    Damp on walls inside windows

    I belief the windows outer frame its not insulated with expanding foam,the gap between frame and wall, you can do this from outside, make sure its foam underneath the cill, obviously you have to use a long ladder.