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    Composite door quality

    Hi All I'm about to order a new front door to replace old wooden one. I'm wondering if there are big differences in quality or all composite doors are similar? Is it worth paying more for timber composite door? can anyone recommend a manufacturer/installer? I spoke to the guy who repaired my...
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    unwanted e-mail

    I assume you are talking about personal email, are you using an email client or just web mail? Maybe worth asking the provider if anti spam level can be adjusted.
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    induction hob wiring (replacing solid plate hob)

    Thanks jj4091 This leads me to another issue of enlarging worktop cut out by 10mm (width). What's the best tool to use, jigsaw or planer? I guess I should start another thread...
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    induction hob wiring (replacing solid plate hob)

    Hi I'm about to replace my old electric hob with induction one and I'm wondering if I need to get an electrician to fix wiring first. Currently it looks like the hob is wired together with the oven to the same unit (see the photo) and there is a cooker switch above the worktop (45 amp?). Max...