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    Sash glazing bars needed - know a supplier of ready-made?

    Phone around the timber yards i no a few that stock glazing bar.
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    Badly-rusted Pulley Wheel -

    I would leave them in and paint the surrounds (not the wheel) you could have problems hitting solid timber for the new pulleys and they wont be the same size as the existing ones. If you are not painting the the internal timber work i guess you may have to replace them just dont buy the new...
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    Leisure - electric range type cooker problem

    Hi, We installed a leisure 1000mm wide 5 elec ring with plate warmer double oven type cooker appx 2.5 years ago and recently have had problems. First the plate warmer (hardly ever used) gave up the will to live followed soon after by the 2nd oven (used alot)? could it be fuses? Any help...
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    Warm roof insulation advice please.

    Thanks Dilly, spoke to celotex tech advice today and they backed up what you suggest.
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    Warm roof insulation advice please.

    We are preparing and decking out a flat roof this week and could do with a little advice, were thinking of a warm deck made up of firing strips, 18mm ply, 110mm celotex, 18mm ply and 3 layer of torched on felt the reasoning for the lower level of ply was to ensure a good fixing when screwing the...
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    Party Wall Agreement

    There are diffrent types of party wall notice so you will need to make sure you issue the correct one or two or three depending on the situation. Cost will depend wether the neighbour wants a surveyor at all, wants there own surveyor or is willing to share a surveyor with your daughter. Your...
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    Low price good quality

    Screwfix do some really good deals on tool sets which include a carry bag, worth a look and i'm sure they would be fine for diy use.
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    Anyone use selco?

    Ok was a slight exageration it was £9 something including vat - i feel violated :evil: Buildbase 2 rolls of 200mm loft insulation covering appx 8 sqm in total = £45.00 :oops: yup i was in a hurry and its the closest builders merchant. Gary o think estate agent, banker, yellow pages...
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    Replacing Sash windows

    Forget the timber and plasterboard use bricks and bonding, bricks upright work well.
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    Opinions on best external wall finish.

    We are going to be having our house rendered or dashed in the near future and can't decide on the best product, the coloured k-rend looks good but there is a few bad reports and i'm guessing its costly. We also like yellow spar which would be cheaper and easier to repair if needed in the...
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    Venting a disused chimney stack.

    Forgot to mention we share the stack with our neighbour (semi) who still use their flues.
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    Venting a disused chimney stack.

    Our chimney breasts have been removed and gallow brackets installed in the loft, the existing stack is in desperate need of repair at the moment there are no pots and a few bits of slate have been badly cemented on to cover the flue holes. I was thinking of raking out and re-pointing the stack...
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    Anyone use selco?

    No but i did pay £10.00 for a can of wd-40 at jewson a little while back (needed it in a hurry) only to see the same can in screwfix for £3.50 a few days later.
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    Anyone use selco?

    I have been using selco alot lately and have found them to be loads better on price the travis, jewsons and buildbase. The best thing is you don't have to negotiate a fair price everytime you buy something which i find really annoying :x why do the builders merchants mark everything up so high...
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    am i being ripped off

    Just an idea but how about attaching a fine fishing line to his last wad of untaxed cash and swipe it out of his back pocket as he leaves through the garden gate :?: Otherwise make sure you are happy with the work and forget about the cost, a bit of overtime it will soon be replaced :D
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    am i being ripped off

    Did you ask him how long the work would take him? Maybe that price is including the 17.5% vat he will pay and he is probably in the higher tax band paying 40%. bahahaha
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    rendering over render

    Sorry to hijack the original post but i have had 3 estimates for pebble-dashing today, all 3 between £2500-£3000 but one company said all the pebbledashing would need to be removed by us. The other 2 companys said they would hack off blown areas and window reveals and pebble-dash over whats...
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    Garage roller doors??

    cardale thermaglide and a company called sws make very nice roller doors - expensive though.
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    Builder, labour costs

    £180.00 is cheap for a skilled tradesman who has trained for years, pays for advertising, has a few grand invested in tools, finances his van and runs the thing at huge expense, has no sick pay, no holiday pay, gets no pay when he can't work due to bad weather, hopes and prays he will get paid...
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    boundary guttering

    I have recently spent £2300.00 on party wall surveyors it takes forever and can cost double that figure in some cases. In my case it is a neighbour being a pain out of malice rather than a boundary dispute - my advice would be to figure out a solution to his rain water discharge and then...