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    scaffolding required?

    When i had mine done i chose a company that provided there own scaffolding and didn't add a premium for providing it
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    HD tv dropping to no signal

    HD tv dropping to no signal but sd signals seem ok on new tv widnt dont use tv hd before but we want to get rid of sky , bought 49fx700b panasonic seems good but HD drop out to no signal i have checked connections its aerial to small box then 8 way aerial down to tv's people complain tv aerial...
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    Swann cctv poor picture

    Ok, had hikvision hi-watch installed for a week and i must say i'm impressed with the quality of the kit and video quality and the remote viewing is better i would say it's far superior to the Swann product. i'm pleased any way......
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    Swann cctv poor picture

    Got a Hikvision hi-watch coming tomorrow at least hoepfully buying from an authorised dealer i will get proper support not like Swann , total joke
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    CCTV Choice

    I installed a Swann 1080P system last month and its awful, got a Hikvision coming tomorrow
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    Swann cctv poor picture

    will try a pc monitor , i bought it from Costco with lifetime warranty and i believe they are good when returning faulty things
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    Swann cctv poor picture

    Thought of that , same on a 55inch 4k LG and a 22inch samsung
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    Swann cctv poor picture

    Not tried other cables, film was removed from cameras. app picture not bad now i have altered app setting to mainstream from substrate. altered dvr to mainstream and its a better quality but not what i expected from a 1080 system. If i take it back and get a refund what do you guys recommend for...
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    Swann cctv poor picture

    reset system, changed power socket around , tried disconnecting 1 camera at a time , tried with just one camera
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    Swann cctv poor picture

    Live image, hdmi on tv
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    Swann cctv poor picture

    I have bought a Swann DVR8-4575 8 Channel 1080p Digital Video Recorder with 4 x 1080p Thermal Sensing PRO-1080MSB Bullet Camera fitted today and the picture quality is rubbish very grainy cannot see people properly. i have fitted 720p system before and that picture was far superior, i have...
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    Extension - building regs inspections

    We used independant inspector at recommendation of builder , it turned out they was twice as expensive as council would have been.
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    Getting paid on completion

    My central heating company who replaced my boiler/system 20 years ago 3 years after i moved into my new house because it was installed by monkeys have been excellent over the last 20 years, free advice over the phone, come out either same day or next day for issues ( not thier making) reasonable...
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    A new car cleaning product?

    Bilt and Hamner Korrosol solution same as Magma but cheaper and i think better
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    Horrendous DIY Electrical work!

    My electrician last year found a 6mm ( i think ) it was an old feed to a double oven plastered in to an old back box still live , it had been like that for 10 years. Glad i never used the old electrician again.
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    Clean shower seal

    Hi All We have a Coram bifold shower and its been good since we had it installed however behind the seals its starting to look grubby and dirty. Can we take the seals out and bleach clean or is there a better way to do it
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    Scaled in shower

    Its not a thermostatic one its a concealed mixer valve, but its behind new tiles and concrete type plaster board done last year so if i want it not to happen again i need to fit a thermostatic shower and damage the tiling
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    Scaled in shower

    not electric, Un-vented cylinder mains supply to the shower & cold taps
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    Scaled in shower

    Forgot to say its a sealed system with system boiler
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    Scaled in shower

    Hi I was i the shower this morning and suddenly the water was scalding, it turns out my son had turned on the cold water in the bathroom. Is there something wrong when it can scald someone in the shower is there not a safety issue here ?