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    Hot Water Store

    Hi For an en-suite bathroom at the top of a 3 storey house I have been specified a 120 litre unvented hot water cylinder heated directly by twin immersion elements. (an Albion Stainless HE) Is a 120 litre tank capacity adequate for this bathroom, or should it be larger? (It will only be...
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    Cracks on Sealant

    Thanks for the reply and useful advice John. Two more questions if I may; Which oil based undercoat do you use? Roughly what ratio do you thin your undercoat with white spirit? thanks
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    Cracks on Sealant

    Help! Prior to painting, I sealed all the corners, door frames and edges of my room with Polycell flexable sealant, left this to dry overnight, following morning put on a solvet based undercoat over the sealant (as recommended on other posts), and later that day started putting on Dulux Vinyl...
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    Radiator pipes

    Hi I have two radiators that have been fitted with the pipes now coming horizontally out of the wall, with involved cutting a 12" high channel into the solid block wall from floor level upwards about 2" wide. With the pipes now in position, what should I use to fill this channel over the...
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    Help- Caulk

    Hi all As part of my final preparation for painting my lounge I went around the room last night and applied GeoCel Decorators Caulk to all cracks and around all door and window frames, smoothed off with a wet finger and all looking good. Got up this morning to find a single crack down the...