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    The European Court Of Human Rights..

    I never said it wasn't I said the ECHR and the human Rights Act have nothing to do with the EU or Brussels
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    The European Court Of Human Rights..

    My previous post was largely in response to the 'bit of Brussels stuff' part of the post given i have repeatedly pointed out it has zero, nadda, nothing whatsoever to do with the EU or Brussels The human rights act made no difference to the overall effect of the law in Britain given we have...
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    The European Court Of Human Rights..

    As I already pointed out the European Convention on Human Rights was largely drafted by the British in 1950, it has nothing to do with the EU or Brussels as the European Court of Human rights is based in Strasbourg. The Human Rights Act was created in order to give a British Law which British...
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    Extra deep socket or something else?

    Ahh ok I was assuming there was some form of strapping as well if it really is just held on at the tow bar then you are right to want to ensure the correct tension. Personally I would not go near such a design.
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    Extra deep socket or something else?

    Just tighten it as much as you can by hand with a decent spanner
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    Loft Insulation Grant Query

    Generally to get grants it has to be installed by an insulation company. The DIY sheds often have loft insulation at very cheap prices as it is subsidised by the utility companies.
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    The European Court Of Human Rights..

    Only true in very limited circumstances including only after all domestic court appeals have been exhausted (which due British Human Rights Act being a UK law means many fewer cases make it past the UK courts now and those that do are much less likely to be successful). None of this alters...
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    The European Court Of Human Rights..

    My point is that it already is largely British law run from Britain under British Judges and that is due to the Human Rights Act. None of this has anything at all to do with the EU. In fact Britain was largely responsible for drafting the European Convention on Human Rights (which the...
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    The European Court Of Human Rights..

    Care to actually make an argument that makes any sense? The Human Rights Act is a British Law about which judgements are made on in British Courts by British judges. If we scrap the Human Rights Act then we go back to the situation we had before it where far more such judgements we made by the...
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    Fixing plasterboard to lathe & plaster

    Both plasterers are correct, its what we had done on our lath and plaster kitchen ceiling in order to cover up artex
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    New extension roof

    The plans show a small roof after the first floor thus stepping the first floor extension wall back and allowing the roof to match in with the original roof better. No idea how it was intended for this to be built mind given it would need some way of supporting the upper wall. However given...
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    Chimney Balloon for woodburning stove

    Is it just me thinking close the doors on the stove and you will cut off the draft?
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    Back Hander

    Its a business payment so yes its taxable
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    Rosemary roof tiles

    The real question is does your roof really actually need renewing? I suspect surveyors just see no felt and immediately recommend a new roof but so long as the rosemary roof is not actually leaking and therefore there are no rotten battens or joists etc I would leave it well alone and just keep...
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    Help needed Flat running of a tank, but should i have

    Our incoming water main is in lead and continues in lead for about 4m in our cellar, as it bends around 2 curved corners and is hidden in an architrave it is too much hassle to bother replacing. It has been like that since before I was born and has not had any adverse affect on me or my 3 brothers.
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    slipped Stone slates labour cost?

    Sounds reasonable to me, don;t forget you are paying them for their expertise, equipment, van, insurance etc etc not just their time.
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    RCD tripping on new Consumer Unit

    or they are not grid connected systems, some people do DIY battery storage Solar PV systems and then connect their house electrics (or part of them) to the battery supply when they have sufficient charge.
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    RCD tripping on new Consumer Unit

    It rather depends exactly how and what the PV circuit is wired in. If it is wired in armoured cable from the AC isolator to the consumer unit then it is mechanically protected and this solution would probably be acceptable. If it is not wired in armoured cable then I would have thought it would...
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    RCD tripping on new Consumer Unit

    As a solar installer, although admittedly not on the electric side (I fit the panels). I would say the cause of your nuisance tripping is indeed likely to be the solar PV circuit as there can be a small amount of current leakage from an inverter which means anything else such as a fridge...
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    Velux Flashing advice

    I am not an expert but according to the velux website the EDZ flashing is only suitable for pitches down to 20 degrees. The velux flashing guide definitely suggests EDW for these tiles