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    netaheat profile 30 boiler

    There is a reset button on the underside of the boiler (on the right hand side towards the front if my memory serves me). Try pushing that in and see what happens. If that doesn't work, I think that the problem is likely to be with the control board or possibly, the solenoid. Either way...
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    Stopcock hell

    As Eddie M said, try a few applications of WD40 on the spindle of the internal stockcock. Leave it overnight to penetrate. If it still won't budge, as an alternative to hitting it, a bit of heat applied to the spindle may help - a hairdryer on a high heat setting held close for a few minutes is...
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    which central heating system?

    Now that the days of cheap natural gas behind us, the pendulum is rapidly swinging in favour of electricity. And if you factor in the high maintenance and environmental costs of wet systems, it is a fallacy to say electric heating is expensive now. In the last year I have had to replace a...
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    Improving Garage Door Security

    Many thanks for the details of the Chubb site. 'Fraid I wasn't too impressed with their site or offerings. I have tried side-fitting ERA 318 garage locks (decent-looking mortice locks sold in locksmiths and some B&Qs) but unfortunately they were too wide for fitting into the Cardale frame...
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    Improving Garage Door Security

    I'm trying to uprate the security of a garage door - a single 7' wide Cardale Futura Vertical (overhead trackless wood type in a metal frame) - which currently has a single top latch operated from a central 'T' handle lock. Apart from via the garage door itself, there is no other access to the...
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    Replacing Radiator Valves - Advice Sought

    Thanks for all your help chaps. Ollski. I don't have problem with soldered joints - I'm just hoping I can dry out the pipe tails sufficiently to allow soldering. Hopefully, I'll be able to avoid this if I can get the olives off without a fuss and just slip on new ones. Slogger. All the...
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    Replacing Radiator Valves - Advice Sought

    Many thanks for that Ollski. Do you suggest using soldered or compression joints for the straight couplers? I've got 7 rads to do, BTW.
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    Replacing Radiator Valves - Advice Sought

    I'm planning to replace several radiators. The rads throughout are connected to the system via 8 mm microbore piping, so can I get away with reusing the existing olives and valve cap nuts and simply reconnect these to new replacement valves? If this isn't a good idea, what's the best way to...
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    Replacing radiators

    Very many thanks for the draining down tip Oilman and the advice on alternative radiators. Any thoughts on replacing the rad valves issue? Any input would be very much appreciated. Thanks, A.
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    Blocking a utility duct

    Such as?
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    Blocking a utility duct

    An expanding sealant would probably be the most suitable fix. There are three main variants of expanding sealant: polyurethane-based, polyisocyanurate-based and latex-based. The first two expand by up to 40 times the volume so will tend to displace anything loose and can sometimes distort...
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    How much do you pay for an MoT?

    Mercedes Benz Oxford charge £41 + VAT for an MOT. For a C-class petrol they charge £200 + VAT for service A and £400 + VAT for service B. And if you don't upset the receptionist you might get a valet thrown in (personally I'd rather have the receptionist thrown in).
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    Nitrous oxide

    It sure beats sniffing petrol!
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    Window furniture

    Does anyone know where I can get hold of window fixings for Boulton & Paul wood framed windows installed around 13-15 years ago? They are a locking cast metal type in a yellowy/champagne lacquer finish. I've got a broken stay and as it's in a room with a lot of other windows, I'm trying to avoid...
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    Double Glazed units in wooden frames

    My glazier recommends that when ordering sealed DG units for wood-framed windows you should allow for a gap of 5mm top, bottom and both sides for seating in putty. Thus the sealed DG unit will need to be made up to be 10mm smaller in both horizontal and vertical dimensions than the aperture...
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    Fitting a cat flap

    Save yourself a job - get rid off the cat.
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    Shower leaks - help!

    People like Bovis Homes.
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    Replacing radiators

    After moving into a twelve year-old house with an open-vented heating system, I am in the process of replacing 7 (of 11) radiators that are showing signs of corrosion around the unions. One rad has already been replaced, probably within the last three years or so. One handwheel valve is leaking...
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    Automotive Antifreeze/Coolant for Boiler Heating System??

    Automotive coolant/anti-freeze mix is formulated for that purpose and that purpose alone. Cheaper coolant mix is usually based on ethylene-glycol which is highly toxic (therefore environmentally hostile) and not something that anyone in their right mind would want in a domestic heating system...