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    Concealed shower valve

    I'm having a new ensuite fitted and we have bought a concealed shower valve. As this is going to be fitted to the stud wall we have constucted I was wondering how you fit the valve into the wall and what holes do you cut into the wall? I have fitted my bathroom before, but have not fitted one of...
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    Kitchen taps

    there is no leak now, thats sorted. The problem is that the tap is wobbling when you move the mixer. Obviously this has caused the pipes to become unattached in the past. How do you stop the base of the mixer tap from moving?
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    Kitchen taps

    Nightmare water everywhere at midnight last night! Mixer taps have come loose in kitchen. Rubber seal loose. Had a look underneath, and there seems to be a stud with a nut on it that seems tight. What else could there be?
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    baxi Instant 105e

    Thanks for the info. Had a quick look last night at the gas meter and it looks like it is being switched on and off, so that to me (a layman) looks as though it is the valve letting in gas to the boiler. Is that right? Can I not perform any procedure to check, or do I get a man in to do it for me?
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    baxi Instant 105e

    I'm having a few problems with my boiler at the moment. The burner light comes on when I select CH, but then goes off after about 3 seconds. A few seconds later it kicks back in again for another 3 seconds. and so on. This is taking the Ch ages to get worm and because the burner is being...
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    draining boilers

    Unfortunately the missus want a fancy chrome rad in the bathroom with new chrome valves. I am quite capable of replacing the radiator, but will come unstuck when replacing valves. can someone let me know if and how I can do this? Will I need to drain the system and if so how?? I have got a...
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    Lockshield valve problem

    I am trying to remove a radiator in my bathroom for decorating, and i am having problems with the lockshield valve. There is a plastic cover which needs to be unsrewed off with your fingers. Once off, there is nothing underneath it, just water sitting in the pipework. I can drain the radiator...
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    baxi combi problems

    firstly I had a whistle after the hot water was switched off. They came out a replaced a valve of some sort free of charge during the summer to fix it. However, after switching the CH on a few weeks ago, some of the radiators don't come on. This was fine before the Baxi man came and fixed the...