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    Combi intermittent hot water

    My Valiant combi boiler is not kicking in when hot water is being demanded from the kitchen mixer tap. It’s working perfectly okay when using the bath taps upstairs. There has been no reduction in flow from the kitchen taps; what is likely to be causing this. It is booked in for a 12 month...
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    Wet carpets help

    After every heavy rain shower the drivers side foot well carpet is drenched. I have looked under the car and checked all round the doors but can’t see where the rain is coming in. It is only wet in the foot well and I can’t find any where it has tracked down from above. What I’m saying is the...
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    Consumer unit wiring

    This has to be a SPOOF :D :D :D
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    My 1970's Flat (Refurb with pictures)

    Finally got the carpets done Finally got the carpets done, and I think I’m almost finished :D So happy I said it twice How many gargoyles can you spot? How many remotes can you have in the house :shock: I should make the bed but I'm going for the lived in look :wink: Most...
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    A couple of little questions

    I need to replace the outlet plate on my storage heaters to match the brushed stainless and gun metal sockets and light switches. Where can I get these 20amp outlets with flex out switch and if poss a light :?: 2nd question where can I get gun metal plate screws? :?:
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    My 1970's Flat (Refurb with pictures)

    Almost finished now, I've had the carpets fitters around for some quotes all seem to be around the £1K. Here is a picture of the big window in the lounge, the room is South facing and the amount of heat I'm getting from the low sun means still no central heating for me :grin: This is my...
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    My 1970's Flat (Refurb with pictures)

    They are from the seville range of pine furniture. They came from a variety of places but they are available on line I did a google search and found the following places
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    My 1970's Flat (Refurb with pictures)

    I bought a 1970’s two bedroom flat that was original in all the wrong ways. Flowery wallpaper, wall paper designed to look like tiles :? peeling from the walls. Carpet in kitchen :? Carpet in bathroom YUK :shock: I can here you saying its only a bit of redecoration and new carpet but...
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    Vertical letter plate

    I’m searching for a small vertical letter plate that fits into the stiles, I think that’s the correct term, of an oak door. It needs to be chrome to match the rest of the furniture. The narrowest so far is 75mm or 3” but these are just the normal horizontal letterplates turned through 90...
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    Small cupboard door

    The cupboard door in my hall is full height but only the width of a single french door. Anybody got any ideas where I could get a single french door that I can use to replace the 1970's panel door. Ideally it would be oak to match in with the others but at present i've found nothing except a...
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    Hotpoint DC 27 dishwasher

    The induction motor capacitor had gone short circuit. I replaced it with another from Maplins total cost £2.97 :D It's now back in the kitchen happily cleaning dishes :D :D :D
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    Ceiling light buzzing

    Thats what I was afraid of Oh b*gg*r!
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    Ceiling light buzzing

    Fitted a new halogen ceiling light that has 20 12v capsules and the transformer internally fitted. It looks fantastic but I’d like it to be dimmable. However when I changed the plate switch for a LV dimmer the light buzzes at anything other than full voltage. Is this usual or have I got a...
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    Hotpoint DC 27 dishwasher

    Only had this machine for a couple of months, and its stopped working. I'm pretty sure its the pump thats not working, its filling with water, heating it then nothing. The fault code is only made up of flashing lights in this case its the pre-wash and wash lights. Are there any web sites...
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    External Fire Doors

    I’m wanting to replace the 1970’s original s***e front door in the flat I’ve recently bought. The building control authority has informed us that all front doors need to be replaced with 30 minute fire check doors. I’ve only ever seen internal fire check doors so here is my question; Is a...
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    How do I save this window?

    I think I'm going to replace the window with a UPVC that will match in with the others in the flat. The flat is on the second floor so I've no access externally to the window. I'm happy on how to remove the window, :? How do I fit the new window and frame without damaging the external...
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    How do I save this window?

    This window is in my stripped out kitchen. I want to know if I can save this or just replace it with a UPVC double glazed unit. The putty around the bottom is completely shot away and the glass is flexing in the reveal. The reveal is full of water so the weather proofing externally has also...
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    Electric towel radiator

    perfect thanks v much :D
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    Electric towel radiator

    I’ve fitted a few towel radiators to wet central heating systems with no problems. However in my own flat I only have electric heating. I want to fit a towel radiator with a heating element and I have a few questions: 1. Are the elements thermostatically controlled; if I leave it on it...
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    Word password removal

    Thanks guys as soon as i get my broadband connected I'll email them to you. :D