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    Checking advice for a Bosch Washing Machine tripping RCD

    Hi, I have a Bosch washing machine that is 4.5 years old and has started tripping the RCD as soon as the motor starts. With the earth spade disconnected from the motor then the RCD doesn't trip and the motor works. I spoke to a local repairer and he advised that motors can develop some earth...
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    Gledhill Boilermate 2 Pump Runs Continuously

    Thanks to everyone who contributes to these forums. It has helped me solve my problem with the hot water pump running continuously. I moved into my house a few months ago and the pump running constantly has been driving me bananas as the airing cupboard and boilermate are just outside our...
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    Halstead Finest Gold - Central Heating will not switch off

    I have a Halstead Finest Gold Combi boiler which has recently developed a curious fault. About a month ago I first heard the boiler making a constant clicking noise. Upon inspection I realised that the spark electrode was constantly firing about once per second even though the central...
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    Halstead Finest Gold Boiler lock out problem

    Problem Solved! I finally decided to get a Corgi registered chap in and called two different guys based on recommendations from friends. When I described the boilers symptoms over the phone both of them drew a blank and said I had tried everything that they could think of (PCB, flow swithc...
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    Halstead Finest Gold Boiler lock out problem

    Any More ideas chaps?? Or is it time to throw in the towel and get a man in!! :(
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    Halstead Finest Gold Boiler lock out problem

    Thanks ChrisR! The Boiler has never locked out when first switched on at the mains (with CH & DHW switched off). It just whirs away for about 10 seconds or so and is ready for use. It is driving me mad this morning. It has locked out three times trying to get the CH to warm up so that I...
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    Halstead Finest Gold Boiler lock out problem

    Right I think I understood. I turned the CH on for about a minute and felt the pipes start to warm up. Leaving the CH switched on I then turned on the hot tap in the kitchen and ran this for about 5 minutes. During this time the DHW pipe was too hot to keep touching, but I felt the CH...
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    Halstead Finest Gold Boiler lock out problem

    Thanks! I did check the temperature of the DHW & CH flow pipes coming out of the boiler to check the diaphragm. When the boiler is cold and the DHW is switched on. The CH pipes remain cold whilst the DHW quickly gets hot. Would this imply the diaphragm is OK or would you still advise...
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    Halstead Finest Gold Boiler lock out problem

    I have a problem with my Halstead Finest Gold boiler (natural gas) going into lockout which has been getting progressively worse for the last few months. The problem initially only occured when DHW was switched on whilst the boiler was cold (CH off). If the CH was switched on whilst the...