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    Fascias: Wooden or uPVC?

    While not all the existing timber has rotted, I was strongly considering replacing all of it to get the job done properly. The roof has been in place for almost 80 years and accessing certain parts of it requires 'creative' use of scaffolding. Therefore my thoughts were once we're up there, do...
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    Fascias: Wooden or uPVC?

    Thanks. Any recommendations on the type of wood to use for the fascia?
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    Fascias: Wooden or uPVC?

    I'm having my roof re-tiled and fascias replaced. Some of the wooden fascias are rotten while the remainder are in an okay condition. I would appreciate some advice on which direction to go in: 1) replace existing fascias with wood and cap with uPVC or 2) replace with uPVC only. If done...
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    Fibreglass flat roof with wooden fascia

    We are looking to protect our fibreglass flat roof wooden fascias with uPVC. Does the fibreglass have enough give to allow the uPVC to be pushed in between the wooden fascia & the fibreglass? Or is it likely to shatter/crack and hence is it better to run the uPVC flush with the fibreglass? Thanks