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    Howdens kitchens

    Personally I think Howdens are great. The units come pre assembled except for the hinges so its pretty straightforward. I agree on quality, its the best your get without spending big bucks.
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    Looking at a new integrated kitchen
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    Looking at a new integrated kitchen

    Check out Howdens joinery, there are quite a few around. Although they only sell to trade they should be able to recommend a kitchen fitter. Bet you get a good price there. My old kitchen was quite big and I negotiated a price including intergrated fridge, freezer, washing machine and dishwasher...
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    Use of PTFE tape ??

    As a rule you shouldn't use it on plastic piping as the grips and seals in the plastic fittings will suffice, some of the waste pipes use solvent to seal. If using compression fittings where there is an olive, when I was young I was always taught to wrap round the thread a couple of times...
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    Pebbledashing and DPC

    We moved into a house in the summer and just had a company around touting for business (to redo the outside walls with some form of resin, wasn't keen as it sounded a bit iffy to me, too much scaremongering slagging off rendered walls etc for my liking). One thing they did point out was that...
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    Where can I get Free Music n Video Downloads

    Exactly, I agree. The pirate bay is handy as all the free stuff is in one place
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    Where can I get Free Music n Video Downloads The pirate bay has 'torrents' you can download, once downloaded they end up as an MP3 or AVI file, idela for what your dad is after. You'll also need to download Bitspirit or a similar download manager to actually download them, this is a popular one...
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    Cables to consumer unit

    Thanks Baldersj much appreciated.
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    Cables to consumer unit

    What are the regs for connection to a consumer unit. My CU is under the stairs and the cable are clipped to the wall and run directly into the unit. Shouldn't they be in conduit?
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    Potterton Suprima 40

    I have one of these and had a similar problem a month or two back. I drained down the system to replace a rad and it airlocked on restart. I ran the pump with the gas off for 30 mins and then on restarting with the gas on it locked out, I must have reset the thing 50 times that day and was...
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    plastic pipe on central heating

    You can buy Hep2O on the reel, maybe its that. Make sure you use the proper splicers for cutting the pipe and put the metal inserts into the end of the pipe before fitting into the fitting. You can also use HEP2O fittings with copper so its handy to run everything out of sight in plastic while...
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    plastering advice needed

    Might be worth taking the whole wall back to brick if its that loose, then dot 'n' dab plasterboard onto the brickwork and skim over it.
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    Dot and dabbing plasterboard

    I'm pretty handy at DIY but up until a few weeks ago I had never got involved in plasterboard. My brother in law came over and after some tips i've boarded several walls (doing total refurb on a old house!!). This is what I have found; Make sure the boards are level, buy a long spirit...
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    Your input appreciated - A definitive Tile on Tile Method

    I used B&Q 'tile on tile' adhesive, and all I did was clean the old tiles first with soap and a rag, worked a treat, none came loose.
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    Tile on Tiles

    B&Q do an adhesive that is supposedly designed for this purpose, I used it and it did exactly what it said it would do. There is nothing wrong in going on top of old tiles its just 'not proper' thats all.
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    drilling through tiles.

    Get the tile drilling bit, you won't regret it
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    Fitting A Kitchen - How Easy?

    I've part a fitted a couple now, if you are OK at DIY most of it is pretty straightforward. I would get someone to mitre in the worktops, it makes for a better finish than the joining strips you get, but obviously there is the cost, I think I got quoted about £150-200 a couple of years back but...