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    New roof looks a bit dodgy??

    I didnt explicitly ask them to replace the flashing, no. I guess I left it in the hands of the builder, I guess if it's OK there's no reason to replace it? I went up the scaffold last night and when you're close up it's obvious that the tiles are kicking up and aren't fixed securely. I suspect...
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    New roof looks a bit dodgy??

    I am getting a dormer installed. During the works the builder said my roof slates were delanimating and that I need a new roof. I agreed (I knew it was end of life) and they stripped my roof, applied a lining and battens. They came earlier today to start applying the new roof tiles. I was out...
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    Sound for Home Cinema

    I am studding out my new games room and I also plan to install a home cinema/projector. I don't want to have a poxy sound system & I want everything to be tidy, so I am thinking of installing speaker cables in the walls. Can I do this, and what equipment do I need? Any recommendations for...
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    Terminating SWA...

    Thanks guys. I have masonry walls and solid floors so I cannot go in beneath the floor. Was the box in the link OK? Any alternatives?
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    Terminating SWA...

    Thanks! You mean like this? I assume this box just suitable for indoors. My electrician suggested terminating outside, pulling the inner core inside - I'd need a smaller hole through the wall. Is this a good idea? What box could I use for outside? Or should I bring the whole cable inside...
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    Terminating SWA...

    Which metal boxes should be used for terminating 6mm swa cable and where can you get them? Thanx in advance...
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    Is my new roof any good - pictures included!

    Try removing the CRs before the end tag - roof1.jpg roof2.jpg roof3.jpg
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    Garage Conversion commenced but need advice of flat roof!

    Our roof has similar stains - it was reroofed about 2 years ago - and the inspector didn't mention it - as long as its not leaking now its OK. We are going to retreat the timbers against rot however. We too have to install circular soffit vents at (I think) 200mm centres along the fascia...
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    Converting garage - replacing garage door with french doors!

    We have a 6m x 6m detached double garage; we had the garage door replaced with french doors earlier this year. We have gone through building regs to ensure that if we sell we'd be OK. The inspector was great, nothing to be afraid of; in fact it was reassuring that we had the work OK'ed. It...
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    1930's semi - asbestos ceiling

    I'd say get a specialist asbestos contractor to examine the suspect ceilings before you exchange contracts. You may have to pay for the examination, but if you get the work done you may get this cost deducted from the total cost of the work. Once you have a professional quote (and it is...
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    Eh? Pythagorus is kids play...are you lot stupid....?
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    Is masonry paint waterproof?

    Hi A few years back I owned a property with a rendered exterior, which we painted with a masonry paint. It lasted 5 years before it faded (did not flake). Ensure that you use a good make as cr*p ones are like water amd ae rubbish....
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    Building regs re: Siting of a WC

    Do you now have to have a washbasin in a WC? If so that'd explain a relaxation of the regs??? Just a guess :idea:
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    windows xp

    The fact that other programs stop responding could indicate that theres a hardware failure. The disconnection of the internet could be a symptom of the same problem. Try some software that checks your hardware; you may have a RAM failure or motherboard fault. Try: this Is your CPU fan...
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    Venting a flat roof

    My builder seemed a bit miffed that I contacted the planning department, but then I suspect that he would wouldn't he :) Thanks for your advice, after a bit of nifty negotiation, my builder agreed to install new fascia boards complete with vents. But he'd never heard of cross ventilation. Is...
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    Venting a flat roof

    Hi masona, The garage door has already gone :) This expanse (4.5m x 3m) is being filled with glazing; french doors with two large windows on a dwarf wall either side. Theres also a large window being installed on the side of the new room. I had the BCO around earlier this week - he...
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    Dry lining single-skin walls

    Hi I am converting a garage into a games room. It has single skin walls. I wish to dry line and insulate the walls. How is best to do this? Would it be OK to screw treated furring battens (2x1.25in) to the wall, insulating between them before installing a vapour barrier and plasterboard...
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    Venting a flat roof

    Hi, I am converting my flat roofed garage into a games room. It has 6m long rafters at 400mm centres with noggings halfway (at 3m). I plan to line the ceiling with plasterboard and insulate between the rafters (with a min 50mm gap between the insulaton and the flat roof), with a vapour...
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    Rotten joist in garage roof - what to do !!?!

    Thanks! My builder is coming round tomorrow to survey the building for the games room conversion, so I'll have a word with him about this then..