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    Subsidence - What to do ?

    Hi, Would appreciate some advice on what to do next... We live in a semi-detached house, which about 30 years ago had subsidence. The insurance company wouldn't pay (I can even remember the reason why) and in the end we paid to have the house underpinned ourselves. The cause of it was...
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    Better Primer over Gloss?

    Hi, I've lightly sanded over oil-based gloss on door/window/skirting (just taking most of sheen off). Wondering which is a better water-based undercoat/primer to put on next before I apply water based satin. I bought Leyland trade acrylic primer undercoat from screwfix which I haven't used...
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    Roller Marks on Ceiling

    I used Leyland Trade Matt White on the ceiling, applied a couple of coats with a roller and now looking at it, there are a couple of areas which clearly show roller marks. the areas are about 1.5 square. I really dont want to paint over the ceiling again. Can I just go over the patchy areas...
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    Any Decent Non-Trade Paint ?

    Cheers. I think I'll go tomorrow and get trade paint (Dulux,Johnstones or Leyland vinyl matt). I don't fancy applying more coats using retail paint. I think I've read that that all trade paint should be watered down - Is that really true ? I just want to paint with the minimum of fuss. The...
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    Any Decent Non-Trade Paint ?

    Better than your 'standard' Dulux Matt ?
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    Any Decent Non-Trade Paint ?

    I just need to repaint a couple of rooms, matt colours for walls/ceilings and matt for the wood (skirting/door/window frames). Reading around, it seems that nearly all non-trade pain can be quite poor - in terms of coverages/patchiness. Crown seems to get especially poor reviews, even with...
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    Paint Basics

    Hi, I have a room which I want to repaint, a complete novice here but time on hands and willing to learn - Ive read around here abit. The woodwork (windows/door/skirting) was painted white ( I think gloss oil-based) the last time. I've been told to repaint using water based paint ( a big plus...