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    Virgin Media Cable

    Just remember you'll probably have to cut the end off the coax to get it back out the hole and also cut the copper Telco wire if it's in use. Get yourself a decent prep tool, compression tool, compression fittings and jelly locks if the Telco is in use. VM will attend any faults just now and...
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    Is it possible to do a loft conversion in this type of property?

    Called 1/4 villas around my way in Scotland. Although all the properties have their own front door.
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    Composite Door Hinge

    Hi All, Looking for some help. I am trying to adjust the compression on my front door. I have this hinge. I...
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    skirting board profile

    hi anyone able to assist me in matching this skirting board to a profile? need to get a few lengths but not having much luck matching it?? thanks
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    we had to use 90mm in 100mm cavity to meet the u value, with no additional insulation on the walls on the inside. build currently in progress.
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    Extending fibre broadband into the garden

    also the link from special k is for a wireless n spec unit. this will provide max speeds of 80mbps, which you may find disappointing with your new gigaclear service depending on your package. the AC1200 will provide in the region of 350-500mbps, depending on the client device.
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    Extending fibre broadband into the garden

    run cat 6 cable from your gigaclear router or main velop if that is configured in router mode. install on of these in a good spot outside. power to the unit runs over the cat 6 as well via the supplied injector. I...
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    Structural Engineer Design

    Hi All, Looking for some advice/reassurance on the attached structural engineer design. The house is semi detached two story around 100 years old, the walls are solid sandstone. We are knocking down an existing kitchen extension and rebuilding a bigger version. The steel work shown for the...
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    Broadband but no phone.

    a phone line and broadband only work on a single pair hence the need for filters.
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    Broadband but no phone.

    most likely water in a joint that was broken down the copper to point of failure.
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    Broadband but no phone.

    its nothing to do with the amount of pairs. if you are on fttc then your local copper link for broadband will terminate within your closet cab. the traditional phone line services continues down the copper pair all the all to the exchange. your line has a fault after your fttc cabinet.
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    How to cable for a home network

    a single cat6 cable running from your router to a patch panel in the loft will allow you to pick and choose which point to activate but you would only be able to activate one point. a patch panel is a termation point not a network switch
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    Rs errors

    make sure all the connections are tight. finger tight then a wee turn with your pliers or spanner if you have a 11mm
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    Jointing coax cctv cable

    check what size of cable the coax is probably RG56. buy the appropriate compression f connectors, compression tool and a barrel. prep he cable ends, buy a coax stripper if your not confident with a knife. push the braiding back down and make sure no braid is in contact with the copper stinger...
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    draft proofing solid wood front

    Hi everyone. looking for some advise on draft proofing our front door. it's an old door with no draft proofing installed at all. what's the best products to use to get good results? cheers Richard
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    improving water performance

    anyone able to comment on the suitability of an accumulator with my pressure and flow? like I say I could site a 500l unit in the garage with the mains directly in then the output to the whole house? or would a break tank and pump be better and pipe to avoid the kitchen tap?
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    improving water performance

    no, Scottish water covered the cost on their lead replacement scheme. I don't think much work was required in the end as the communication pipe turned out to be mdpe already, so just a new stop cock and connection of my supply pipe
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    improving water performance

    I have been doing some research into accumulators and there seems to be mixed feelings on these? would one work for me in my circumstance? I could site a 500l one in the garage? or would a break tank and pump be better solution?
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    improving water performance

    Hi yes. all the way to the boundary and then the water board came and connected it in the street.
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    improving water performance

    sorry, what I mean is would my flow rate improve much if I was to replace the 25mm pipe with 40mm for example? or would the accumulator be a better solution?