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    Bathroom renovation

    Is that stopcock purely for the toilet? or is it the actual main stopcock? If purely toilet, I notice theres two pipes running at the back of the toilet, presume hot and cold? could always "T" off the cold at a suitable position, install a service valve and a flexi.
  2. J

    New Combi Boiler needed. Minefield time.

    Just out of curiosity, what baxi is it? The duo-tec is a great boiler in my opinion. Now with the added bonus of a long guarantee, 28k duo-tec is more than ample for a 3 bed home, running a single shower.
  3. J

    Washing machine waste extension hose

    If i remember correctly, the extension hoses come with an adapter to connect the washing mashine hose (fits inside hose and extension hose, secured with jubilee clips)
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    Sealing moving and leaking shower tray - Any advise please?

    7 years of constant water penetration.......not good! do the tiles come down to the top of the tray? or is the wall tiled all the way down and tray stuck in? Are you capeable of removing the shower tray yourself? if so, i would remove it, find out whats causing the movement (slight uneven...
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    Fitted new radiator - now pressure drop...

    also.....have you checked new rad valves for leaks? are all your bleed screws tight?
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    Reducing Pressure In Ariston Combi Boiler

    you could do it via the bleed point on a rad. tho, it may take a while! make sure you have plenty of cloths/kitchen roll to hand to catch the water.
  7. J

    Ideal Logic Plus 30 - price and quality?

    Have a look at the baxi duo-tec's. now come with a 7 year warranty! i know of 5 people incuding myself who have the 28kw. no reported problems as yet, oldest boiler is nearly 6 years old. only issue we have had is the batteries going flat on the wireless stat!
  8. J

    additional shower selection advice req'd

    As with dan, if you were to run two showers from your combi, you will get a mere dribble out of both! unless you change your hot water system, i'd go electric (ensure you have a 10mm cable installed and go for the higher KW range)
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    I got a ferroli in one of my properties, domi compact 24. I had same symptom as you when it was first installed, theres a valve which works on magnetic contacts. Basically a bit of debris prevented the contacts mating. To be fair to the ferroli its not been too bad, touch wood! I had a leak from...
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    Removing olive...

    Junior hacksaw. Pliers if its not mega tight with a twisting action as you pull it up. You can buy olive splitters, but for 1 olive not worth it
  11. J

    Drilling bath tap holes

    They're not that bad to drill. I presume your hole saw has a pilot drill in the middle. If not i can't reccomend enough to go buy one. Leave the cellophane on the bath and mark out with felt pen. Dont press too hard when drilling.
  12. J

    Smell from behind washing machine and under boiler

    as others have said, get a trap on there, all those lovely sewer smells are venting straight into your room!
  13. J

    Central heating loosing pressure - Leak sealer

    It would depend on how much the valve would be open i guess. I suppose you have nothing to loose by using the sealer, and could save you a shed load of work if it works. and i suppose the pressure gauge will be your indicator wether it's worked or not. fingers crossed mate it does the trick.
  14. J

    Replacing a bathroom rad.

    I was curious if you were draining the boiler via the pressure relief valve (red cap) i was going to say if you do drain if from there, dont. as the valve can be a bugger to reseat properly. as armo said for inhibitor, tho with the towel rad vent plug off i usually free pour in to there, but...
  15. J

    Which Fittings

    Screwfix code 84816 if you got the pipes coming directly up to the rad.
  16. J

    Central heating loosing pressure - Leak sealer

    That maybe your condensate drain usually 22mm plastic from the boiler, and sometimes the 22mm is fitted into inch and 1/4 with reducer. What boiler is it out of curiosity? Yeah if the valve aint seated fully, its gonna evantually remove all system pressure, think of a balloon with a tiny hole...
  17. J

    Replacing a bathroom rad.

    Your refill procedure is what i do. Dont forget inhibitor.
  18. J

    Replacing a bathroom rad.

    Have any of your downstairs rads got drain offs on the valves? If not and you have to drain via your normal way, when you say drain cock on boiler, is it a valve with red cap? i would deffo put drain offs on all your downstairs rads... If you intend to stay there for years that is.
  19. J

    Strange radiator leak

    Maybe the water is coming out of the plunger which moves up and down internally to increase/decrease flow. When its in closed position water is tracking through body? Im not sure if you can fix them, if not get some new valves they're not that pricey.
  20. J

    Central heating loosing pressure - Leak sealer

    How much pressure are you loosing? I would physically check your rad connections, and connections to boiler just to be totally 100%. Also You should have a pipe running from boiler to outside, usually copper. Check theres nothing coming from there, its from the pressure relief valve, which may...