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    Braising Steak/Braising beef - difference???

    Hi there i always thought braising steak was slices, whereas brasing beef was a joint such as a briskit you pot roast
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    Ring doorbells

    Hi Myself and my daughter got on a few yrs ago in regard to daughters ex boyfriend who was causing a few silly problems a few yrs ago and would'n't be without it now we got a which you charge up every few days, it has an app to use with a smart phone, also you can talk and hear the...
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    Flavel dual fuel range cooker

    thanks for offering but all done, got part from espares was nice and easy to fit cheers
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    Flavel dual fuel range cooker

    thanks for that, thats next on the hubby to do list during lockdown, will have to hurry up as lockdown is near ending lol
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    Hanging Heavy TV

    ours was a long plate with up to 8 spaces in the top and 8 in the bottom to fix the bracket to the wall we hit a stud a couple of times, but we just moved onto the next space, we used 4 on top and bottom of bracket in the end, and its solid would definately use the toggle ones again we tapped...
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    Hanging Heavy TV

    we've just done the same thing, we mounted a 42" smart tv onto a stud wall and used these Its a solid as a rock u could swing off it...
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    New car - decisions, decisions

    Hi all I've just got a new car 64 plate Mazda 3 sports nav, oh the joys of driving have all come back, a very nice car with all the bells and whistles It does have a 2L petrol engine, but its a fantastic drive when i can get to drive it as hubby and I have a domestic everytime we need to...
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    Dropped kerb refused by highways? Help to appeal?

    @gregers with a disability bay outside your door, their is a metal plate attached either to your wall/on a pole stating the disability badge number of who is allowed to park there. only that badge is allowed to park there, but as with ignorant ppl of today, this is no guarantee of a...
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    worchester 28i combi boiler

    thanks for the quick reply twgas We didn't have an option to discuss the new boiler as it is a housing association property, we just got a phone call to say ur getting boiler and radiators fitted in 2 weeks lol, as i said its much better than the old system!!!! But they are upgrading the...
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    worchester 28i combi boiler

    Hi Just had a new worchester greenstar 28i fitted, all radiators where replaced but existing pipework was used. Everything is working fine and is sooooo much better than the old boiler we had, but, when filling the bath using the hot tap, it fills ok but if i put the cold tap on at the...
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    ATOS Medical Assessment

    the person who assessed my hubby was a joke and i can say that, she was awful. there was a language barrier to start with and it was very difficult to understand her broken english, also wen we got a copy of the medical assessment which stated that he has scored 0 points, she had copied and...
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    ATOS Medical Assessment

    when my husband went for an ATOS assessment, he was told that his hospital Consult and his GP stating that he was unfit for work was not accepted anymore and that they dont look at any medical history, they do the assessment based on what they see and are told on the day. My hubby has been...
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    ur local council will have a homeless team, who may be able to provide board for u, but that is usually in the way of a hostel, not sure if this i dependent on age though!! they also help u to register with a housing association, so u can find affordable housing, also the CAB will support u...
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    smell from bathroom sink

    thanks for the quick replies Juliex
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    smell from bathroom sink

    Hi all my sink in the bathroom was taking a long time to drain, so i used one of the mr muscle sink unblockers, this created the desired effect and now sink drains right. BUT, it now has a horrible smell coming out of the plug hole, it smells like wet, damp, musty clothes smell and i have...
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    Kitchen sink

    thanks for the quick reply Am not at my daughters at the moment, so no pic till tomorrow Its definately not a basket strainer as i have one of these and there is no hole in the middle of the plug hole where the stick of a basket drainer goes into. It looks just like a normal plug hole, but...
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    Kitchen sink

    not to sure if this fits into this section, please move if needed!! My daughter has just moved into a new apartment and has a fantastic fitted kitchen. The kitchen sink is a single R hand drainer with a waste grill on the drainer. The plug hole in the sink is quite deep and there does not...
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    Glow Worm Micron 40FF

    I have this problem with the same type of boiler, luckily or unluckily i rent from a housing association so they have to fix or not as the case maybe. My probs started wen i move in march 2012, every day boiler reset light is on and needs to be reset which will then work, until the next day...
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    pan supports on range cooker

    Have recently bought a range cooker which has high gloss pan supports on the hob bit. Whilst these are great for cleaning, they make the pans to slip which is not good at all especially if the pan is full of hot food etc Have contacted the supplier and they do not make cast iron pan stands...
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    Laptop turning itself off

    hi do u let ur acer laptop go into hibernate, as the acer aspire i had, had this same problem. u can do a search on the net, wat happens is that the fans are controlled by the power management software on the computer and wen it goes into hibernate, this shuts down and does not come back...