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    Eaves trays and first battens

    When the tiles are sat on the fascia, as opposed to a tilt fillet, what happens when you need to replace the fascia?
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    New Porch Questions

    Thanks again. I'm going to have to do whatever seems like best practice for each stage. As it's a 60's bungalow (and not especially well built either) with untold bodges over the years, it's not exactly compliant with many (any current) regs, so the porch being as per current standards isn't...
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    New Porch Questions

    Thanks for the response, totally agree that ideally, toothing in would be the way forward, but given the construction I'm dealing with, not really possible. I might try to find some offcuts of phenolic boards, they are supposedly very good, if expensive. The render that is currently shown, was...
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    New Porch Questions

    Hi all, I've started building my new porch and have a few questions before going any further. I have the foundations poured and block work up to DPC, but I am wondering about the best way forward for a couple of areas. 1. How do I install a vertical DPC if the outside door is only fixed to the...
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    New Small Porch

    Deleted duplicate post.
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    Fixing straps to external leaf?

    Can frame straps be used for external fixing? I am about to install a new front door and due to the construction of the house, need to fix to the outside leaf. The porch is recessed and the cavity wall returns into the porch area. I have had to cut the external wall return, leaving an 8" stub...
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    Can I polish out scratches in plastic secondary glazing?

    Polish out very carefully with a sanding block and wet & dry used wet. Start exactly where the scratch is, working perpendicular to scratch. Then use successively finer grit to polish out the previous marks and finish with a superfine cutting compound. At each change in grade of abrasive...
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    Close cavity or leave as is?

    Thanks vinn, The insulation in the warm roof goes over the cavity, but it's not in contact as its on the 9x3 joists. I've filled the gaps between the joists, roof and inner leaf with the same PU insulation as in the roof. If closing the cavity isn't a problem, I was going to use some sort of...
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    Close cavity or leave as is?

    Hi all, I am about to replace all the fascia on a single storey extension that has a warm flat roof installed and it will expose an unclosed cavity. The extension walls are entirely built with Celcon blocks, 4" inside and 5" outside leaf, presumably this was for thermal reasons, as they are...
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    Partition walls - Insulate or not?

    Hi all, My first post here, so thanks in advance for any tips. I am currently upgrading my late 1960s bungalow. It has had two extensions in its life, both to the rear and the latter is a granny annex that sits below the ground floor on ground sloping away from the back. Anyway, I am creating...