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    Plasterer Derby recommendations

    Doing a renovation of an old terrace I've taken on from my dad who has let it get very run down. Against better advice I thought I'd do it up rather than just sell it on - having taken the paper off the plaster is in a right state and I might be looking at some major replastering. Too late to...
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    Boiler / Ring ?

    Thanks - that confirms what I felt about it not being a correct fix and not to leave it like that. I don't know if he tested the RCD. The boiler can function OK for a day but then start to trip every few minutes or so - once it starts tripping it pretty much has to be turned off for a long...
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    Boiler / Ring ?

    I'd appreciate any advice on this. Our combi boiler has been tripping the RCD occasionally for about a month - this has become more frequent - and it trips it with all electrical appliances in the house unplugged and it never trips with the boiler off so I'm more or less certain it is...