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    British Gas RC Plus thermostat instructions

    Hi found an error 'E7' on our BritishGas (Drayton) RCplus transmitter unit yesterday. No function possible with it and after changing batteries and resetting receiver decided to call in British Gas. They had never seen that before. Standard error code is 'E1'. Just in case you think I may...
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    Pipe Freezing Kits

    Hi I would say they are great..... only follow the instructions and check it has frozen proper and in any doubt bung in more, not less. Have loads of spare cans in case. I have used these in quite extreme circumstances and say they can provide the solution if you are unable to isolate the...
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    Don't trust estate agents, what should we do?

    Yes hairy ben, it is true, she is desperate and half of the southern counties of england knows it! She does not hold back with her blabber mouth which does her no favours. Trouble is that one or two chosen words in someones ears and the agents keep a punter in their doors, which is what it is...
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    Don't trust estate agents, what should we do?

    latest with our saga is they won't give any good info nor explanation of what they are doing or not done. It gets a bit silly as it leaves so much to imagination which can be really very counter productive as you feel there must be something funny going on. In our case I feel sure someone...
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    Don't trust estate agents, what should we do? Choosing and working with an estate agent You may want to choose an estate agent that is registered with the NAEA or the Ombudsman, as this will mean they have to abide by a code of practice...
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    Don't trust estate agents, what should we do? Regulation of Estate Agents Quick Facts Relevant or Related Legislation: Estate Agents Act 1979 and Property Misdescriptions Act 1991. Consumers, Estate Agents and Redress Act 2007 (CEARA) Current Position: All...
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    Don't trust estate agents, what should we do?

    I've some info for anyone with similar problems with their agents.......... Estate Agents Act This information is for people who are working as an estate agent. It tells you what you must do to meet your legal obligations. The Estate Agents Act 1979 regulates your work as an estate...
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    Don't trust estate agents, what should we do?

    Is this true? is there really no body that oversees their actions? Someone must cover it? A law must govern their profession.
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    does anyone know of an advisor for assets?

    Hi I'm trying to find someone to talk to about dealing with family assets and the best way to deal with their sale in the current situation. Does anyone know of someone to talk to? We've tried the usual, CAB and what we really need is someone who will offer good advice on a personal...
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    Don't trust estate agents, what should we do?

    Hello I've a problem. i'm helping my family sell our family home and we are being offered well below it value, that is 25% less than the going rate right now, or 40% below a year ago. The agent was saying it was a bad offer and rejected it but with slightly more it suddenly becomes...
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    JVC UX-G1 HI-FI hassle

    Hi I have a JVC UX-G1 HI-FI which has only had very minimal use over the last year since it was bought. Alas now it won;t switch on from standby. Manual says processor may get stuck so unplug, plug back in and it should reset. alas no, nothing. I've contacted JVC, say it looks like...
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    recurring Weeds between patio slabs

    burn them with a gas weed lance or just a blow torch if you have one. If you do it really well a couple of time burning out the roots you will knock them on the head. Repeat as and when but I find if you go round and burn all the cracks late summer you burn any seeds that have blown in.
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    ivy removal from wall - how to romove final bits

    Yes, it does work and it is the way to kill something without people noticing much! But it does smell a bit and can hang around until it washes away.
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    Tree +power lines + phone lines

    Get several quotes, check they are fully insured and that know what to do with cables. They should be ok as they are climbing it. I have a similar situ right now with trees where I work as a gardener. I've managed one, intend to work on the other a little at a time. Luckily there are only GPO...
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    Tree +power lines + phone lines

    If you talk to them very nicely they may provide a shroud to sling under the branches to protect while you cut them but alas they will probably insist on a tree surgeon doing the work. One way might be to find yourself a very handy little tool like a piece of chainsaw (the actual chain itself...
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    Growing Potatoes

    Potatoes have 'eyes' usually distributed around their entire surface although more at some ends than elsewhere. Almost all potatoes ('seed' pots or kitchen) that have started sprouting may be used. Even peelings. So long as they have an intact eye they may sprout. These can go onto produce a...
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    Rainwater harvesting project, saving up to £500 per year

    Don't think I said a tank that size, that's the potential rainfall to collect! We think 3,000 litres plus. However logistics mean several smaller coupled together underneath the house or one huge one partially buried ouside the back. Interestingly because of the hill situ I go for a...
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    Svens eleven

    Ah yes, but who is that risk taker?
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    Rainwater harvesting project, saving up to £500 per year

    It's a bit of an extra space, not required for much and sits higher than much of the garden outside. apart from the access problem, it is ideal for any storage use, including water! Fallout? alas I one of the people that think we are on our own self-destruct with climate change and from that...
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    Ponds and Water features

    Try Unusual water features inspired by natural vortex motions and a sculpture in themselves.