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    I've got a few. My first one was when I was 20. I was in University. I'd gone through a pretty low patch. I was in bad debt, depressed and stressed. I did a favour for this bloke who ran a local Tattoo shop. He returned the favour by giving me the tattoo. To be fair: it is a rubbish...
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    :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    CYMMMMMMMMMMMMRUUUUUUU!!! Triple Crown ...... check. RBS Six Nations Cup ....... check. GrandSlam kudos ......... check. :D :D :D That is all I have to say on the matter. I'm now off to eat leeks and romantically persue livestock whilst calling people 'Boyo'. :wink: :lol:
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    The youth of today.

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I may steal that as my sig file!
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    Is anybody here Irish??

    I've only ever been to Dublin (not exactly the 'real Ireland' I'm told) but I can say that whilst I was there, I've never been treated to such warm hospitality! In the pubs, the staff were sure to acknowledge me as I came in and the locals were friendly. In the shops; the staff were friendly...
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    Normal filling pressure - combi boiler hot or cold?

    Bugger me, that was swift!! :shock: many thanks, TWGAS. WC :D
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    Normal filling pressure - combi boiler hot or cold?

    Should be a quick one: CH needs topping up. Not really paid much attention to the pressure guage in a while - just noticed it's hovering just off '0 bar' when cold :oops:. I know what needs doing with the filling loop (tho never needed to do it before). The manual says to fill to 'Normal...
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    Hardboard treatment

    Hello there, brother chippie! :lol: I asked a similar question re: wetting hardboard before. Just found the thread. // Should help with part of your question. :D
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    should life mean life

    Aye. What we need is some of that Sharia Law in this country..... I'll get me crook...... :roll: :lol:
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    Resin coffee table.

    Wow! Thanks for that, guys. Would you say that this product will be strong enough for a table top of the dimensions I mentioned, without supporting it with glass? Also, how much would you say I would need (assuming the log sections are 15mm thick, packed into the frame tightly and are...
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    Resin coffee table.

    Hey. Apologies for random topic title... A work colleague has asked me to make her a coffee table after I'd made her some nursery furniture. She's had this idea of having thin disks of varying sized logs/tree branches set into/covered with some sort of clear resin for the table top ...
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    who's British

    Welsh. From what I gather, if you're not from the UK, being British means being part of 'Greater England'. Yank: 'So where you from'? Me: 'Wales' Yank: 'Where?' Me: 'Wales'. Yank: 'Where's that?' Me: 'Part of Great Britain'. Yank: 'Oh, so your English'..... Happened to me on...
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    Stanley Mobile Project Center (workmate)

    ...sounds like most of my tools... :roll: :lol: My drill has 'PowerTank' stuck on the battery and 'MegaTorque' elsewhere I feel all manly just using it.... :oops: :lol:
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    I have to say that I didn't think we deserved to win, going by the pitiful performance of the first half. Proper sunday pub team stuff :( Bloody glad we did though! Cracking game. Fisticuffs, blood, unconsiousness... What more could you want! :lol:
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    Flip over chopsaw/table saw

    Mornin'. A very, merry sunday to all! :lol: Was whiling away the hours in B&Q the other day ... as I do :oops: Came across a compound mitre saw that could be flipped over in its stand to become a table saw. Never seen one of these before (not in B&Q at least). Half price at £149. 2000w...
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    Bloody ambulance chasers!

    Yeah, i've just written a detailed, accurate letter to our insurers explaining everything that happened, including Alison556s' point about the amazing, appearing injury :roll: . Having read it through, it does all sound fairly Tuna-scented. I've also included a verbatim reproduction of...
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    Bloody ambulance chasers!

    Thanks for that, guys. Suddenly having panics over the text message I sent to the lad. Made sure it had no admissions of liability in it so it shouldn't be taken as such... Oh well, too late now to take it back. :roll:
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    Bloody ambulance chasers!

    How do. About 3 weeks ago, my wife (with me in the passenger seat) bumped into the back of another car driven by a 22yr old bloke. It was early morning, heavy rain and approaching a renowned black-spot roundabout. We had slowed down to approx 10mph, preparing to stop due to traffic at the...
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    Advice needed on how to Waterproof bathroom floor?

    Hey. WBP (water & boiling proof) is exterior grade plywood. The thickness you require will depend on what level you need to make up between the floor levels. If you skip on over to the tiling section, I believe there's a sticky that refers to the use of ply on floors. :D