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    shower tray

    Hi All. I have read on here I need to bed my stone/resin shower tray onto a sand/cement mixture to prevent movement. Can I put this sand/cement directly onto the floorboards? Can it be placed under the edge of the shower tray, or does it need to be underneath as well? Thanks Jimmy.
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    Tiling on plasterboard.

    I want to retile my shower enclosure, is it alright to tile straight onto plasterboard or is it essential to use aquapanel?
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    Tiling on tiles.

    All the DIY shows seem to go for tiling on top of existing tiles, it seems a good idea as I won't need to patch up replaster my wall. But is it a good idea or simply a quick fix that could cause problems later on? :?
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    Tiling shower.

    Hello ALL. I am replacing my shower tray, however as the width of the space is over 900mm I want to fit a new piece of plasterboard on top of the existing in order to make the shower tray fit more snugly. Is this practical? and can I then tile directly onto plasterboard? Thanks in advance.
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    shower tray.

    excellent, a waste that comes out. Right PENDA THINGY if I go for another raised one where do I get the stone one with legs? And if the waste screws out , do I need bother with another raised tray? Thanks for all info.
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    shower tray.

    I have just removed old shower tray which was on a built up base, in order to get at waste outlet I would imagine. I would rather put new tray directly onto floorboards, however I would then find it difficult impossible to access waste pipe. Is this a big deal , my main worry is blocked...
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    No flow bath hot water.

    Thanks guys, I took tap apart cleaned up now working at full flow. This forum is great! :lol:
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    Baxi solo 2pf

    Chris you know how to make a grown man cry :cry: And Bripl fair comment I wont be mesing anymore :oops:
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    No flow bath hot water.

    Recently the flow from my bath hot water tap has reduced to a trickle! Well before this happened I replaced the pipes that tee off to my ensuite shower. Does this sound like an airlock?
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    Baxi solo 2pf

    Well I bit the bullet and bought a new pcb at £143.00. The boiler has now fired up and appears to be working properly. Namsag you mentioned a dirty pilot as possible cause. How do I get at the pilot on this model? :lol:
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    Baxi solo 2pf

    I have been getting clicking noises from my boiler, being quite handy I thought pilot solenoid and I changed it. The boiler fired up with no clicking. However it soon went off again and tries to ignite but cant. I hear initial click, fan starts up, but stops again, this goes on until I switch...