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    Radiators hot at top, cold at bottom

    Hello The problem I am having is that all the downstairs radiators are hot at the top and cold at the bottom. The double radiators are also cooler on the inner than the outer rad. The temperature difference is quite large with the top being as hot as the upstairs rads and the bottom cold...
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    Electrician for Landlord certificate

    Hello I need to get a Landlord electrical certificate for a 3 bed semi but don't want to just pick someone at random from the yellow pages. Does anybody have any advice on how to choose an inspector? The house is in Coventry. Thanks Adrian
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    Patio door rollers

    Hello I need new rollers for an aluminium patio door. I've tried most of the local (Coventry) suppliers but haven't seen anything even close. Here it is. A bit cheap and nasty. Anybody know where I might get one? Thanks Adrian
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    Potterton Kingfisher Thermostate problems

    Cozzmic, This sounds interesting. Are you saying that low water caused a fault with the PCB or that you just happened to have both faults at the same time? What's the best way to check the water level? Both hot water tank and radiators get very hot.
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    Potterton Kingfisher Thermostate problems

    Yes, I used plenty of thermal paste. I'm hoping it's not the PCB as that sounds expensive :?
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    Potterton Kingfisher Thermostate problems

    Hello I have a Potterton Kingfisher MF RSL60 boiler. The problems seam to be with the thermostate as the boiler will keep running and not cut out when the water is too hot, resulting in the radiators becoming very hot (100*c). Every now and again, the boiler will shut off and a relay...