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    DIY boiler

    Check out the Charnwood stove website. They have a boiler which tales heat from the flue. It is independant of the stove.
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    Karizma Plus intruder alarm problem

    First, thanks to all the experts for their valuable assistance. I have a Karizma Plus intruder alarm, installed in 2000. It has 1 remote keypad, 2 external sounder/strobes and an internal horn. There are 19 vibration sensors & 3 magnetic door contacts, each with an ID biscuit, all hard wired...
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    Additional insulation for this loft

    Don't cut the joists to allow room for cables, notch spacing timbers. Don't sandwich cables in insulation as they may overheat. Don't put polystyrene insulation next to PVC cables as the cable insulation can become brittle and crack.
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    Insulation density?

    The new building standards require acoustic insulation in floors & partitions with mineral wool of density of 10kg/msq. I contacted Knauf Insulation and they refused to divulge the density of their insulation due to a 'policy decision'. Is there something they need to hide? Does anybody know...
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    Replacement wall mounted oil fired boiler

    Thanks for the responses, gents. You seem to favour an external boiler. Is there a reason why? My boiler maintenance guy said that he would prefer an external boiler as there would be plenty of room to get access. In my case, he would also be up a ladder. Is access the only reason? My existing...
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    Replacement wall mounted oil fired boiler

    I've got a 15 year old Boulter Camray Compact 40/50 boiler with a Riello 40 424T55 burner. The burner frequently locks out, and I'm considering replacing the whole boiler with something more efficient. I would like something similar, ie a wall mounted oil fired condensing boiler, possibly a...
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    I've already got the DP switch with fuse in place. If I leave the plug on the appliance, there will be two fuses. The whole point of having the fuse at the switch was to make access to the fuse easy. I have other appliances, (dishwasher, fridge) which are built in, and I don't want to have to...
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    I bought a new fridge, and intended removing the moulded plug and hard wiring it to a flex outlet, with a remote DP switch with fuse. The delivery man advised against this as it might invalidate the warranty. Has anyone had a problem with warranty caused by this? I've a few appliances which are...
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    Expansion & direction

    Thanks, WoodYouLike. I suspect that I knew the answer to my questions before I asked them. You confirmed what I thought, but I would just as soon hear the voice of experience rather than act on my own assumptions.
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    Expansion & direction

    This topic has been covered before, but I would appreciate advice from anybody. I've got two hallways which I am going to cover with 14mm solid wood flooring, laid on Elastilon Strong. One of the hallways has an exposed brick wall along one side. is it feasible to have a very small...
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    Solid wood expansion & kitchens

    I've laid a 14mm solid wood floor, laid on 3mm Elastilon. The floor will extend into my kitchen where there will be a 900x1200mm island with a wooden worktop. Is there a way of fixing the island to the floor to stop it moving, and which will allow the floor to move as required. I would like to...
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    Neff Extractor duct reducer

    Thanks. That looks like just the thing.
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    Neff Extractor duct reducer

    I've bought a Neff cooker hood which has a 150mm diameter outlet. Neff kindly provided a reducer to make the duct 120mm. My pipe through the roof is 100mm (4" drainpipe). Where can I get a conical reducer from 120 - 100mm for this? Desmac
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    I've just bought a Neff diahwasher which has an 'aquastop' sensor on the water supply. This is part of the screw connector which will connect onto my water supply to the dishwasher. In all the brochures it shows the aquastop pointing down. My water connector is horizontal. is this a problem...
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    Oak flooring... again (sub floor question)

    Thanks for that. I will be able to feather the floor over about 600mm - enough to be covered by about 6 planks. The advice you give is read by many people like me and it gives us the confidence to try things which might otherwise have seemed too big a problem. It is also comforting to know that...
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    Oak flooring... again (sub floor question)

    Can I tack onto this post with a similar question? I'm going to lay a solid timber floor in a 6m long room which was formed 10 years ago by the addition of a 3m extension onto an existing 3m room. The new and old chipboard floors are not an exact match - the levels are slightly out and there...