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    Acoustic properties of plasterboard and Celotex

    Hi...I live in a flat and I am planning on replacing the carpets in hallway and living room with engineered wood flooring. The issue that I am facing is with what to install under the new flooring in order to comply with Part E. The existing subfloor consists of 3 layers of floating sheet...
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    UPVC sash window fixing issue with brackets

    Hi, I have ordered 3 upvc sash windows to replace the rotten timber windows at the back of my Victorian house. I was advised that these new windows needs to be installed using the supplied fixing brackets. The problem that I am encountering, is that depth of the new windows is the same as the...
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    Boiler's controls: CH and DHW?

    Your Keston C55 is a system boiler which heats your domestic water indirectly (within the cylinder). So, I would think that one thermostat controls your UF-heating and the other for your radiators plus heating your DHW inside the cylinder. The temperature of your DHW would be controlled by the...
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    Noisy new bypass radiator !!

    Hi, I had recently replaced my hallway bypass radiator (to a Stelrad Compact K1 & new Terrier lockshields). Ever since it had been installed, the area by the outlet-connection always starts to produce a sound (best described as kettle boiling water and hissing) after a certain period of time. I...
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    Expansion vessel relation to unvented system pressure loss

    Hi I have continuing problem with pressure loss with my Megaflo system. I have not found any leaks with the accessible pipeworks, and no sign of water leakage on the walls & ceilings. From reading the various forum messages, the problem could be with the expansion vessel. However, can...
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    Any regulations regarding stopcock location ?

    Hi Could somebody please tell me whether there any regulations on where stopcocks have to be situated? I had been told by a builder that if a stopcock has to be moved, the new location must be around the kitchen sink and no where else. many thanks
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    basin tap flow increases when shower valve is opened

    Hi John Thanks for your input. I have a Megaflo type cylinder (Telford Tornado), with no additional pump (I believe having one would fall foul of water bye-laws).
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    basin tap flow increases when shower valve is opened

    Hi Could somebody please tell me under what circumstances will water pressure from a basin tap (cold supply) increase when I turn on the shower valve (cold)? When the shower valve is closed, the cold flow from the basin monobloc tap (and also the supply to the toilet cistern) is pretty weak...
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    80/125mm combi boiler flue extensions compatibility

    Hi Sam The flue needs to run for about 6 metres, 3 of which is in the bedroom, and the other 3 m is in the bathroom before it connects to the boiler at the other side of the studwall in the kitchen. Due to the position of the boiler and restrictions at the external wall (window openings)...
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    80/125mm combi boiler flue extensions compatibility

    Could somebody please tell me whether it is possible to use other manufacturers' flue extensions with Worcester Bosch 28i jr combi boiler? The boiler location is in the kitchen, where there is no external walls, and the flue needs pass the bedroom before it reaches the nearest external wall...
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    Load strength of timber stud walls

    Thanks Deluks Yes, by soundboard I meant soundproof plasterboard (the blueish coloured ones) Above my flat is just another residential apartment. I'll place my order for the 100mm joists and the other materials this week, Thanks everyone for all your advice.
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    Load strength of timber stud walls

    I will be adding a layer of 12.5mm soundboard onto the existing ceiling with a gap around the perimeter to be filled with acoustic sealant. I am also planning to leave a gap of 25mm between this new installed soundboard and the top of the new joists (as stated in Approved Document E 2003)...
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    Load strength of timber stud walls

    Thanks Big-all & Blagard for your advice. With regards to the ceiling joist size, it was recommended by ( that the joist needed to support 23kg/m2. Looking at one of the KD C16 softwood Span Tables, and taking into account the span width of the rooms (3m), I figured that I...
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    Load strength of timber stud walls

    Hi I live in a GF flat, and would like to install independent ceilings with sound insulation to my 2 bedrooms (both are 3m x 3m in size). The bedrooms are separated by a timber stud wall (47x100mm studs with 600mm centres), and solid outer walls on the opposite sides. The plan is to...
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    ESQCR restrictions on number of incoming dwelling supplies

    Many thanks for all the replies to my query. The reason for my query is because the incoming 3-phase supply that currently exists services 4 individual multilevel apartments. I am planning to separate one of the apartments into 2 flats..thus require a new 5th meter. I have been given...
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    ESQCR restrictions on number of incoming dwelling supplies

    Could somebody please tell me where in the ESQCR that states that a single dwelling (building) is restricted to only one incoming electrical supply. This I understand is due to safety for emergency services (fire service) , when a single supply & cut out will ensure that all electrics are...
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    landlord gas hob thermocouples

    Could somebody please tell me what the current landlord regulation is regarding gas hobs? Does the gas hob need to have safety thermocouples in order to comply with current letting regulations? many thanks in advance.
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    Building completion certificate & electric meter catch22

    I have a neighbour who is nearing completion in converting his house into 2 seperate flats. He has found himself in a catch22 situation whereby he can not get the completion certificates for the 2 flats from the council because the electrical has not been finished (awaiting installation of...
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    where can I buy gate valve stem extensions

    Its mildly amusing to me that he wants to add valves which are failure points just in order to isolate a mixer shower which will in itself also be tilled over. Apart from a cathestrophic failure of the shower its difficult to think of a purpose for those valves.
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    where can I buy gate valve stem extensions

    The gate valves are used as isolation valves for the feeds to my shower mixer, and will be situated below the bath, thus out of sight. The reason for me using gate valves over ball valves is the bore size in order to minimize flow restriction to my shower mixer. Even if I do use normal...